One of the oldest dog breeds in the world, Catalan sheepdog is said to have originated during the ancient Roman times. Read on to know more about Catalan sheepdogs.

Catalan Sheepdogs

Breed: Catalan Pyrenean
Height: Male: 18.5-21.5 inches, Female: 17.5-20.5 inches
Weight: Male: 18 kg, Female: 16 kg
Coat Type: Long, smooth, straight and slightly wavy.
Anciently used for herding and guarding purposes, a Catalan sheepdog is also known for its agility, competency in stock dog trials, and search and rescue. Also known as Catalonian shepherd, it is a hardy, well-balanced, medium-sized sheepdog with moderate coat length. Like most other sheepdogs, this dog is also easy to train, due to its high intelligence. The Catalan sheepdog breed is still bred in European countries like Catalonia, Finland, Germany and Sweden. The average life span of this dog is between 12 and 14 years. Read through the following lines to learn more about Catalan sheepdogs.
Catalan sheepdogs are believed to have descended from the ancient Pyrenees sheepdogs, during the Romans time. The Romans are said to have brought the ancestors of Italian bergamasco dogs with them, which they later bred with the local Catalan dogs. The breeding resulted in many different breeds, one of which came to be known as the Catalan sheepdog. The dog served as a messenger and sentry during the Spanish Civil War. A versatile working dog, it is still being used in the Pyrenean Valley regions and in Catalan, for herding and guarding livestock.
Catalan sheepdog possesses strong well-muscled limbs and a deep, long chest. It has a wide and sturdy head, with strong jaws and a prominent nose. Its average-sized ears hang down the sides of its cheeks. The dog has a long tail that reaches its hocks. The dark amber eyes are round in shape. The coat color is a mixture of hair in various shades, including fawn, reddish-brown, gray, black, white, chestnut, yellow-red and sable.
A Catalan sheepdog is courageous, intelligent and energetic. It is very hardworking and is used for herding sheep in Spain. The dog is also quite attentive, learns easily and takes the initiative to herd the flock. It is calm, loyal, and behaves well easily with children and other household pets. A Catalan sheepdog is very reserved with strangers. Since it is brave and alert, it makes an excellent guard dog. The dog prefers living outdoors and should not be kept in small apartments. When kept indoors, the breed requires adequate exercise to help it stay calm.
Genetic Diseases
Usually, Catalan sheepdogs are considered hardy and healthy, with no genetic health problems found as such. However, like other dogs, these dogs too can be afflicted with hip dysplasia.
Catalan sheepdogs require regular grooming. Their coat should be brushed on a regular basis, with a firm bristle brush. They should be bathed only when necessary.

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