Hate ironing? Here are some ironing tips that might just make you like the activity! Read on for quick and easy ironing tips.

Ironing Tips

If there was a poll on one activity that takes up all the patience in the world and is such a big pain that the very thought of it makes you groan; ironing, would win hands down. It is that drudgingly monotonous end of the week activity where those washed clothes come back from the laundry to haunt you like entangled intestines in a horror flick. Detangling them and getting those creases off them seems like a Herculean task and a complete waste of time. And you seem to be stuck in a vicious cycle, with you forced into doing it again next week. You sometimes wonder how nice it would be if we lived like early men, where we spent an entire lifetime in leaves or tiger skin. Nevertheless, we have trudged on modernity and ironing is that evil child of routine that needs to be performed religiously every weekend. So much so that you would be rather caught dead, than in a shirt that is not ironed well. Here are some ironing tips that will give your clothes that much needed crispness and even aid you in getting efficient at the one task you hate.
Quick And Easy Ironing Tips
  • The place where you do your ironing matters a lot. Ideally, it needs to be, a place where you finish hanging the ironed clothes as soon you are done ironing. The best place at your home that fulfills these requirements is your bedroom. You can also use the bed to sort the clothes out.
  • Cut down on your ironing time, by placing an aluminum foil under the ironing board cover. The foil reflects heat, so you iron from two sides at once, making the whole process faster!
  • Progress from articles or garments needing the highest temperature to those requiring the lowest, that way you tackle those stubborn cottons right away.
  • To prevent wrinkles after ironing, immediately put the clothes on to a hanger and keep them as far away from you as possible.
  • Collars, cuffs, and hems pucker up easily. Iron them on the wrong side first.
  • Fabrics, which are thick, should be ironed inside out first and then you can iron them from the outside.
  • Any fabric that is made of wool or artificial wool and involves knitting has the tendency to go out of shape when wet. Therefore, make sure it is completely dry before taking it to the ironing board.
  • To remove the badly wrinkled corduroy hold the iron over the fabric and let it steam initially. The fabric will get damp and you can smooth it along the ribs with your palm.
  • Insert a rolled-up towel in sleeves so they can be pressed without leaving creases or you can make an artificial sleeve board with a cardboard.
  • Homemade spray starch can be made by using one-tablespoon cornstarch to two cups of water. Stir nicely to make sure it is completely dissolved and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray on to the fabrics lightly while ironing.
  • Restore the shine on your chintz skirts or sofa cover by ironing the fabric right side on wax paper.
  • To avoid flattening out embroidery, or to iron over a printed t-shirt or a blouse, while ironing, iron them face down, with a turkey towel over it.
  • Hold pleats with paper clips, if you are working on a really irritating fabric that needs a gazillion pleats.
  • The last and the most important tip, make sure that the wire of the iron is not lying on the floor plugged to your foldable iron board. As the chances of you tripping on it and breaking the iron box as well as your own back is directly related to the large heap of clothes in your arms.

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