Ironing a shirt might sound a tedious task to do but actually it is not. To know how to press a shirt, read the tips given below.

How To Iron A Shirt

Understanding how to iron clothes is very necessary as each cloth requires a completely different treatment. The same holds true for a shirt as well. Some people find it very difficult to iron as they do not follow the basic steps. Though ironing requires a bit of attention and dexterity, the same can be achieved by practice. The first thing to keep in mind is that the type of fabric highly determines the way one should iron. The combinations on the iron will help you achieve a perfect heat setting for the same. Secondly, make use of an ironing board to iron clothes. Besides, the clothes should be ironed such that all the wrinkles are removed and no new ones are formed. For the convenience of the readers, given below are some tips on how to iron a shirt properly.
Tips on How to Iron a Shirt
  • Before ironing, check the tag on your shirt, to know what is the material it is made up of or any special instruction that might be given in the same regard.
  •  After this, plug in the iron and set the heating mode on the desired combination, suitable for the fabric.
  • Usually, cotton and linen need a high heat setting, wools and cotton blends require medium heat while polyester, rayon, nylon, silk, acetate and acrylic should be dealt with, on a low heat setting.
  • For a steam setting, fill the iron with distilled water or rain water only.  
  • To begin with, iron the back of the collar and then the front. Make sure you gradually iron moving inside from the edges, avoiding any creases.
  • Now, open the cuffs and iron them from inside first and then from outside.
  • After this, smoothen the sleeves flat and iron them to avoid crease. Here also, iron the back of the sleeves first and then come to the front. Pay more attention on the seams of armhole.
  • Hang the shirt over the ironing board such that one front panel of the shirt can be smoothened flat, keeping the collar at narrower end of board. Now, iron it from shoulder to shirttail.
  • Rotate the shirt, to iron the back first and the other front panel in the last.
  • To prevent it from developing wrinkles, hang the shirt on a hanger, instantly after ironing.

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