Making a quilt from the 'forever-forgotten' t-shirt in your wardrobe is not too difficult. Read on to find instructions on how to make a cozy tee shirt quilt.

How To Make A Tee Shirt Quilt

Like everybody else, a corner of your wardrobe must be filled with tee-shirts you wore at one point of time in the past, but not anymore. There might also be t-shirts that you bought, but never felt like wearing. Now it is time to use all of them to make a beautiful quilt. The size of the quilt will depend upon the availability of t-shirts. In other words, the more t-shirts you have, the bigger quilt you would be able to make. Now, think no more! Take out all the unused tee-shirts, count their number and then take a separate measurement of each of them. Read on to get more instructionson how to make a tee-shirt quilt.
Making A T-shirt Quit
Supplies Needed 
  • Tee-shirts
  • Interfacing, fusible or woven
  • Woven Cotton Fabrics (for interlocking and bordering)
  • Fabric (for backing and batting)
  • Logos (optional)
  • Designer Cutouts (optional)
  • Pins
  • Scissors 
Basic Preparation
  • Proceed with the quilt making idea only if you have a minimum of four t-shirts. The maximum number of t-shirts that you can have is thirty six.
  • For backing, you can use either a plain cotton fabric or extra tee-shirts, if you haven any.
  • Now, wash all the t-shirts and dry them. This way, if any of them has a shrinking tendency, you will not be bothered by it late on.
  • Iron the t-shirts to make them look fresh and new. 
  • Make a layout of the design of the quilt, first on a paper, with all basic details marked out.  
  • Now, start cutting your t-shirt. Remove the sleeves, neck piece and take out a neat square or rectangle pieces, with about 1/2 inch seam allowance.
  • Cut the Interfacing, about 2 inches larger than the size of your unsewn blocks, so that the seams are sturdier. 
  • Carefully cut out the designer part of the t-shirt, so that it doesn't look tampered with, when attached to the quilt. 
Arranging & Sewing
  • When you are done with cutting, try the arrangement scheme. Keep all same-sized t-shirt blocks together and keep the smaller ones in front, for current use.
  • Now, as per the arrangement in the layout, start placing and pinning the blocks on a temporary dash board, on the floor.
  • Take the smaller blocks and sew them together, to make it up to the size of the required block in your layout. 
  • Once you are done with the smaller blocks, start sewing all the blocks in rows or columns, simultaneously inserting the sashing pieces. 
  • Now assemble all of them and add borders.
  • Once you are done with the stitching part, it's time for giving the final look to the quilt.
  • Making sure that the batting and backing are a little larger than the face of the quilt, layer them on a large surface.
  • Now, arrange the batting, the backing face up and the quilt top face down.
  • Pin through the three layers from all the sides on the outside edge of the quilt top.
  • Sew the three sides properly, only leaving an opening of about 1/3 of the fourth side, that too in the middle.
  • Now, trim the batting close to the seam. However, remember not to trim the fabrics.
  • Turn the whole quilt right side out, to see what actually you have made. 
  • Sew the opening you left on one side and gradually tie close every 4-5 inches of the quilt.
  • Your colorful quilt is ready!

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