Decorating a nonworking fireplace can be fun and creative. Given below are some ideas to tell you, how to decorate a nonworking fireplace.

How To Decorate A Nonworking Fireplace

Decorating a fireplace is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your interiors. The area not only adds warmth and class to your surroundings, but also becomes a centerpiece on its own, constantly grabbing attention. A beautifully decorated fireplace speaks volumes about the people who reside in the house. It speaks about their tastes, their likes and dislikes. Though a fireplace is of potent use in the winter months, it can prove to be quite bizarre otherwise, if left as it is. To enhance the beauty of your fireplace, you can decorate it in various ways, even if it is non-working. Decorating the fireplace will not only give vent to your creativity, but also add to the overall look of the area. To know how to decorate a nonworking fireplace, read on.
Ideas to Decorate a Non-working Fireplace 
  • If you have a large fireplace, you can stuff it with wood logs, piled over each other. It gives a natural and interesting look to the place, accentuating your interiors.
  • In case of a smaller fireplace, you can work up a virtual fire by placing golden holiday lights and voila over some wood logs.
  • You can also create magic by using candles of all shapes, sizes, colors and textures in the fireplace. Use baskets or other items to place them at varying heights, creating a very warm look.
  • Spruce up your fireplace by stuffing it with your favorite branches, flowers and pinecones. Grate some of them for an inexpensive natural and fruity display.
  • You can even resort to pottery and buy some long and short terracotta vases to decorate the fireplace.
  • Bring life to your non-working fireplace by putting some fresh flowers, a primed plant or flower arrangement, along with a vibrant aquarium.
  • You can put a candleholder tree in the opening of a non-working fireplace, for a mystified look.
  • You can also decorate your fireplace by using bright accessories, like colorful vases of different shapes and sizes. You can place them in any desired way and add flowers, both real and artificial, to give a shiny look to your living room.
  • To add interest to your room, you can stack piles of books, with different colored covers, around the fireplace. This arrangement will be particularly appreciated by those of you who are avid readers and love collecting novels and books.
  • You can also give a vintage and unique look to your fireplace by hanging portraits or pictures of yesteryears. This will also help you remember and relive those memorable days that you spent with your near and dear ones.
  • If it is antiques that interest you, you can try decorating the fireplace by using statues and figures that have historic sentiments attached to them.
  • You can also decide on the decorations depending on the season of the year. If you are looking for a wintry and snowy look, ornament your fireplace by using cotton, stars and such other ornies. You can also top it up with small blue or cream-colored lights. For summers, flowers and the like will be a better option.

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