In use or not, the fireplace is sure to attract one’s attention in a room and therefore, needs to be nicely embellished. Read to get tips & ideas for decorating fireplace mantel.

Tips For Decorating Fireplace Mantel

Whether in use or not, the fireplace always tends to attract one’s attention in a room. As such, it is important to keep it always nicely decorated. Infact, changing the decoration over the fireplace mantel every other week or so works like a makeover for the room’s look. However, take care not to use flammable items over the mantel place. This article gives you some interesting ideas and tips for decorating the fireplace mantel. Read on. 
  • One inexpensive way to decorate the fireplace mantel is by embellishing it with different kinds of fruits. What you can do is place fruits like lemons, lime, oranges, etc. in see-through (transparent) bowls, vases and pitchers and place these over the mantel. You can also add floral arrangement to the fruit bowls to enhance the look and make it more colorful. Another nice option is to place beautiful candles adjoining these vases and bowls. 
  • Do not also forget to decorate the open space below the fireplace mantel! You can make cones out of tag board and stick decorative colored paper / fabric on them. You can also attach satin ribbons at the cone’s end as handle. The final step is to fill these cones with potpourri, dried flowers, etc. and hang them in the open space below the mantel. 
  • You can also grow some exotic grass for the fireplace mantel. It is economical on one hand and also looks very attractive the same time. You can get hold of rye or wheat grass seeds, which are easily available at garden centers. You can grow the grass in containers and place them neatly atop a mat on the mantel for adding a rustic tinge to the look. 
  • A nice mirror perched atop a fireplace mantel will immediately and automatically provide the room depth and light. Apart from serving as a decorative piece, the mirror also reflects any decorative thing placed right in front of it like candles, painting, etc. 
  • You can also consider keeping a lovely topiary or a bouquet of origami flowers over the fireplace mantel on its either side. Embellish one of these with wind ribbons and small bells draping across the mantel and finally winding down around the second topiary.
  • During the summer months when the fireplace is not in use, you can fill up the space with an interesting display. For example, you can use decorative urns inside the fireplace or fill the space with pillar candles.

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