The direction of a Pooja room is of utmost importance in spreading positive energy in the house. Check out ideas for Pooja room decoration/decor.

Pooja Room Decoration

One of the most important rooms in the average Indian home is the Pooja room or the worship room. Almost every house in India will have a special place or tiny room designated for the Almighty. The decoration of a typical Pooja room relies on simplicity. Most of the Pooja rooms are painted in bright colors, have a carved wooden door and a traditional ‘Rangoli’ just at the entrance. There are pictures and photographs of different Gods arranged neatly on a rack or a platform while some smaller photographs may be hung on the walls. Apart from that, there are many different items for worshipping. Check out ideas for Pooja room décor.
Pooja Room Directions
According to Vaastu or ancient Indian Science of Architecture, the ideal place for locating the Pooja Room is the North-east. This direction is associated with prosperity, peace of mind, wealth and happiness. The corner in the north east direction in a house should not be used for any other purpose like the store room, kitchen, etc. Another important thing to be kept in mind is the fact that the Pooja room should never be located under a staircase. Also, there should be no toilet or kitchen adjacent to a Pooja room. The ideal location is in the ground floor and definitely not in the basement.
Pooja Room Décor Ideas
  • It is recommended that you decorate your Pooja room with only lightweight idols or pictures. Go in for silver or chrome frames for photographs, while the idols can be painted in beautiful colors and can be of clay.
  • You can easily get miniature garlands in small colorful beads and pearls. Use them to decorate your idols.
  • Avoid hanging bells in the Pooja room. Instead, opt for a carved door that has small see-through sections. These tiny sections usually have small bells hanging in them which produce beautiful melody when the door is opened and closed.
  • Place a traditional lamp right in front of the photographs and the idols, preferably in the middle of the room. Two wicks, in opposite directions should be lit, facing the east and west direction.
  • You can get beautiful silver plates to keep Pooja items like camphor, incense sticks, flowers, traditional utensils for keeping water, sandalwood, etc.

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