There are diverse and interesting ideas for decorating and designing a laundry room. Check out some of the best tips on laundry room design & decoration.

Laundry Room Designs & Decorating Ideas

The mere thought of getting the laundry done makes us feel bored and irritated. We often run from the idea of cleaning our clothes and try to do everything in a hurry. However, with the correct planning and proper implementation, we can turn our laundry room from a dull and tedious place to an exciting area. Imagine working in an area where you can enjoy the sights of the surrounding. This way, you will not only enjoy your laundry time, but can actually get the work done faster. To turn this utility space into an exciting room, you first have to think on how you can start with the actual process of creating or modifying the area. Although professional help can be easily availed for the purpose, giving your personalized touch wouldn’t be a bad idea. In fact, it will be even more exciting if you pitch in your own ideas and create a pleasing ambience. In case you need any help in this regard, read on and explore some of the best laundry room designs & decorating ideas.
Laundry Room Design & Decoration Tips
  • The main ‘mantra’ while creating laundry rooms is to combine utility and atmosphere. Install the basic functional requirements, like sink, washing machine, clothing dryer and the ironing area.
  • Select a proper source of power, like an electrical source or a gas source. This is particularly important for installing the dryer system. In both the systems, it is vital that the outside wall be vented for the installation.
  • Once the basic amenities are fixed, you can divert your attention towards fixing other modalities that will make your room design even better organized. For instance, you can consider the installation of a laundry tub, which will make the process of soaking clothes and cleaning up mess much easier.
  • If you are looking to save some workspace and give a neat appearance to your laundry room, you can make use of “Hide Away” ironing board and such other utility equipments.
  • Lighting plays a key element in brightening up a room and setting the general tone or environment. Affix adequate lighting above the work areas and the appliances.
  • Attachment of shelves and adequate storage areas is equally important while setting up a laundry room. They should be particularly installed near the washer, to keep the detergents and such other washing supplies close at hand.
  • In case you have ample space for the laundry area, consider making a separate section to organize and conceal the articles for a clean look. This can be in the form of a divider or a separate storage cabinet. Such cabinet attachments can be either custom made or arranged from modular and pre-fabricated cabinet components.
  • The overall decoration including the color of the wall depends on the choice of the owner. The color patterns, interiors and the decors can be decided either in accordance with a general theme or to co-ordinate with the rest of the house. Wallpaper can also be used to give a different look and feel to the room.

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