Lawn Sprinklers are essential for those who own a huge garden with lots of plants. Here are some basic types that you could choose from.

Different Types Of Lawn Sprinklers

It is wonderful to own a garden that looks beautiful and well tended; it is often considered the pride of the owners and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the home. If the garden is small, it will demand tending of the type that can be provided easily. If the garden is large and spacious and bears a lot of plants and trees, taking care of it takes more time, money, and planning. One excellent investment that you could go for, if you own a large lawn, is a lawn sprinkler. It is more efficient and long lasting as compared to hiring a gardener; you never know how long he will last! Jokes apart, you may want to know what kind of lawn sprinkler to get to suit your garden’s needs, since there are a good variety of them. Other things that you might want to consider are the diameter of the hose of the sprinkler, its coverage area, and the water pressure that it supports. Keeping those in mind, here are some types of water sprinklers that you will come across.
Types Of Lawn Sprinklers
Here are some basic types of lawn sprinklers that are available in the market. Anyone who wishes to buy these would have to read the packaging to know about the sprinkler’s coverage area, water pressure, and the diameter of the hose. 

These kinds of sprinklers spray water through holes along the head of the sprinkler. The stationary type of sprinkler is usually the least expensive and is recommended for small gardens and lawn areas. Stationary sprinklers may come in many different shapes, sizes and designs, some common types of which are circles, half-circles, and spikes that can spray water in circular, squared, and rectangle-shaped areas. 

Traveling sprinklers are the ones that move by themselves to cover large areas and have adjustable spray arms. Traveling sprinklers that move along a cord system that is installed on the ground are known as the wind-up type. There is also another type of traveling sprinkler, known as the tractor-traveling sprinklers, which are powered by water pressure through a connected hose and follow a path system that is installed along the ground. Both these types of sprinklers are known to deliver high amounts of water and have varying and adjustable speeds. 

Pulsating sprinklers are known for their versatility and the fact that they are water efficient. This kind of sprinkler delivers large amounts of water on a large area at low pressure – they usually spray low, strong streams of water and are more efficient because their streams do not collide with obstacles like branches of trees and other lawn paraphernalia that could dissipate the spray and cause wastage of water. They can be adjusted to water both narrow and wide areas. 

These sprinklers spray more than one stream of water from aluminium tube that is curved around a central attachment that moves back and forth; it sprays water across a rectangular area. Medium to large sized areas that need to be watered would ideally need this kind of water sprinkler. These sprinklers, however, cannot be adjusted to water at any other direction except left, right or the central part of the lawn. 

Rotary sprinklers spray water from several rotating spray arms and are effective for small and medium areas. Spray arms that have more adjustment options, such as different kinds and diameters of sprays, are more expensive. They throw water down quickly, so would be a poor choice for sandy or sloped areas. Because rotary types have a low throw radius, they work best on smaller lawns and are great for kids to run through on hot summer days.

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