Fleas in the house can be a major problem for people who keep pets. Check out how to get rid of fleas at home.

Fleas In The House

Pets that go out frequently usually bring fleas into the house with them. Besides the pets, you can too, carry fleas into the house. The worst part is their rapid infestation, which can take over your home shortly after you missed them. The appearance of Fleas in the house is not only irritating but also highly frustrating. Moreover, their removal can cost you much if you’re taking help of pest control. Another way, however, to solve this problem could be, taking out time from your routine and start working to get rid of fleas. To get rid of fleas in the house, carry out the given instructions.
Check Yourself
Wear a pair of white stocking and move around your house. Fleas are usually attracted to white color. Moreover, it would be easier for you to see them against a white background.
Look Out the Pets
First of all, see if your pet has got fleas. In case there is not much, use flea combs to get rid of fleas. Get organized to dispose of live fleas that get trapped in comb’s teeth. Check out its head, tail, legs, and area close to the ears. As soon as you get flea, dip the comb in a soapy solution where it will die. Combing is not sufficient, so what else you can do is flea control your pets. For this take out the contents of the flea control tube and apply this over your pet’s head, neck, and other spots where your pet can't lick or scratch.
Control the Infestation
Use foggers to flea control your house. Before this, do away with kids, birds or fish present in the house. Since it’s toxic and flammable, don’t breathe the fumes, and put off the lights. Place the fogger on a newspaper and leave the house intact for at least 2 hours or as directed. Switch on exhaust fans so that fumes get out of the house.
Remove all bedding, and carefully vacuum all carpets and rugs. You can sprinkle flea control powder inside sofa cushions, the length of wall and floor carpeting. Brush the powder into the carpet. Vacuum at least two to three times a week and don’t forget to dispose of vacuum cleaner bags.

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