Cleaning blinds could be a big problem if cleaning is not done for many days. Check out tips on how to clean mini blinds.

Cleaning Blinds

Like any other place in our homes, blinds too, gather ample amount of dust. However, they are usually forgotten because of their apparent sneakiness. Dust accumulated on blinds hardens down due to exposure to the sun. Blinds come in various materials, like plastic, wood, aluminum, fabric plated etc, and care should be taken while cleaning different types of blinds. You can compensate for one-time intense cleaning by incorporating blinds in your daily cleaning routine. In this way, your blinds will remain clean without taking out special time, and putting special efforts to clean them. Check out some simple steps to keep your blinds sparkling clean.
Things Required
  • Duster or Dust Cloth
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Dusting Wipes
  • Rain Gutter and Two End Caps
  • Garden hose
  • Cleaning solution 
  • To start with, turn the blinds in order that the convex side faces the room. Brush out the loose dust towards the floor. A simple duster, available at grocery shops, is fine enough.  
  • Wear rubber gloves, and open the blind half-way. Now, wipe down the fixed dust with dusting wipes. Wipe all blinds gradually from left to right. Make sure to clean between the title cords.
  • Lower the blind and damp the dust of its lower half. Once again, turn the blinds in order that the concave side faces the room, and repeat the above steps.  
  • If simple dusting doesn’t solve the purpose, soak the blinds but remember soaking is not recommend for wooden or fabric plated blinds.  
  • If your blinds can fit in your bathtub, then it is absolutely fine; otherwise get a rain gutter suitable for your blinds from a hardware store. Using end caps for both ends of the rain gutter, you will get a proper tub to soak your blinds. 
  • Fill the gutter or tub with water and put some cleaning solution (like dish soap) to it. Don't add much of cleaner; you just require this to get a little lather.
  • Leave the blinds dipped in the solution for a few minutes. And let the soap do its job.  
  • Thereafter, spread the blinds on a large, flat surface, and wipe them gently with a wet cloth to wipe off any left mud. Wipe from both the sides.
  • Rinse the blinds with a garden hose. Let them dry in the sun.
  • Your blinds are ready to re-hanged.

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