Room decor for your kids should be fun and adventurous, in consonance with their nature to explore. Read the article for some fun ways and ideas to decorate a child's room.

Fun Ways To Decorate A Child's Room

Safety, precaution and comfort should be the over-riding concerns, when you think of decorating a child's room. Creativity and innovation also come up the order, if you want to make your child's room a cool and fun hangout zone. You need to be imaginative to determine what themes, colors and accessories will be liked by the child. In fact, it is desirable to get the child involved in decorating his/her room. This article brings you some fun ways and amazing ideas to decorate a child's room to his/her liking.  
Fun Ideas For Your Kids’ Room Décor
Go For A Fun Theme
Children have an uncanny tendency to explore the unknown and they are very likely to do fun experiments in the room. Choosing broader themes for kids would help ignite their imagination. A theme resembling an enchanted forest or something suggesting adventures in sea will be really fun and the kids are surely going to love it. Other interesting themes for a child's room could be outer space, beach party, life on the farm, a secret garden, camping, travel and transportation, the prehistoric era, a mad scientist's laboratory, the future, and castles.
Wall Decoration
Decorating the walls of your child's room will also need some adventure. It is important to ensure that the color of the walls compliments the room theme. Wall decals can be used to create lively designs. The walls can be painted in poppy orange or dark blue. Pink or peach color can be used in a girl's room, especially if she is not too young. To add texture to the walls, use simple faux finishes, such as sponge-painting, antique washes or rag painting. A nature scene or a fantasy landscape can also be painted on an entire wall.
Fun accessories can also be used to decorate your child's room. Pom poms, fringe or sequin trim on pillows, blankets, curtains or shelves can be made use of, in decorations. Flea markets or thrift shops will help you get some cool accessories that children will love. Old frames and spray paints can be easily gathered from such stores and used for art projects by your child and other experimental uses as well.
Fluffy throw rugs in faux fur or in the shapes of animals or aliens can be placed on the floor, to make it look lively. A treasure chest can be made out of a toy box by painting it in gold color and pasting some artificial plastic gems on it. Vintage swatches can be tried as appliqué on cushions or as shelf covers. Whatever accessories you choose, make sure that they go with the overall décor of the room and gel well with the taste of your child as well.
Other Tips
  • You can make use of over sized balloons and posters to decorate the kid's room in a funky way. Balloons convey a sense of joy and fun in the room.
  • A new light or lampshade to match the theme of the room is also a good option. In fact, you can encourage your child to read books under the lampshade and inculcate a good habit.

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