Pugs are cute and cuddly. Read on to know how to care for a pug.

How To Care For A Pug

Today, pug is known more by the name “hutch dog” than anything else. That commercial put the breed on the map and everyone just adored the dog. Pugs are certainly one of the cutest breed of the dogs. When you choose pugs as your companion, you really choose to live with a little cuddly wrinkly bundle of joy. However, a pug needs lots of care and needs. Explore the following pointers to know how to take care of pugs to ensure a healthy life for them.
Tips For Caring For A Pug 
  • The first thing, which you have to do, is to take care to feed your dog properly. Opt for a good dog food, which contains proper amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Although you need to make sure that, they don’t eat too less or too much. Pugs generally would eat anything or everything even when they are not hungry.
  • Ask your vet about the schedule for feeding your dogs. You need to keep them on a feeding schedule and stick to it for most parts. Don’t keep any foods under they reach, they would munch anything or everything. Remember a fat pug is not healthy pug.
  • Pugs shed a lot of fur and they need constant attention. Although the fur is not too much on pug’s skin, they need at least a weekly brush. Use a stainless steel bristled brush for combing.
  • Pugs need bathing too especially in summer, as they tend to get too hot. Bathe it depending on how active your dog is. Once in two weeks in summer and once a month in winter is an option. However if you live in tropical area you may have to bathe your dog every week in summer.
  • You also will need to spay or neuter your dog for long and healthy life. Spaying helps in saving your female dog from infections and breast cancer. While your male dog is saved from testicle cancer and prostrate problems.
  • Your dog needs exercises to keep it active and energetic. However, unlike some other breeds of dog, pug sleeps for almost 14 hours a day and so you don’t need to overdo its exercises. A short walk or a little play with him will do good.
  • As pugs have narrow ear canals, they are prone to infection. Cleaning the ears is easy as long as your pug cooperate. Dip a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and wipe clean the areas you can see.
  • One more thing, which you have to take care with pug, is their toenails. Pug nails grow very rapidly and you need to clip them from time to time to make sure your dog is able to walk properly.
  • The facials fold, which makes the pug an adorable breed, accumulates a lot of gook. Get a baby wipe, which is non-scented and non-alcoholic and gently run it through the folds and continue wiping until the wipe comes out clean. You can also apply a little Vaseline inside the fold above the nose to give protection, as this is a very sensitive area.
  • Pugs need to get their teeth brushed as otherwise, they may get infections. You can either invest in dog toothpaste or ask your vet to do it.
  • Lastly, give them loads of love and care. Pugs are caring and affectionate and they need constant attention like a baby. Love them and you would find double love reciprocated.

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