Removing ceramic tile from floor requires much time and patience. Check out how to remove tile.

Ceramic Floor Tile Removal

Tired of looking at the same old damaged tiles? If you want to try a new design or pattern or just want to change the ceramic tiles because you are bored of them, you need to take the first step towards it. That would be ceramic floor tile removal. Removing the ceramic tile may seem a daunting task, but with time, efforts and patience, you can not only save a few bucks, but also have the proud feeling of decorating your house by yourself. So if you want to know how to remove a tile, just read on instruction on how to remove tiles in different settings.
Removing Individual Ceramic Tile
The process of removing a single ceramic tile is easier than removing the entire tile bed. Check out how to remove individual ceramic tile.
  • You need to have a chisel and a hammer or a grout saw in order to remove the grout surrounding the tile.
  • Next, break the damaged tile by striking it with the chisel and hammer. Be careful about the amount of pressure you apply. Don’t be too forceful as you may end up damaging nearby tiles too.
  • Now slide a stiff blade putty knife under the pieces of tile that may still be sticking to the base. Clean the area and level it properly before placing the replacement tile. 
Ceramic Tiles Set in Thinset on Concrete
The thinset ceramic tiles that are set on concrete can be removed quite easily. It is recommended that you start to remove from the edge or corners and then proceed towards the center of the tile bed.
  • Take a power chipping hammer to break the grout around one single tile at the corner. Slide a sturdy blade putty knife underneath and take off the tile.
  • Now, that the first one is out, it will be easier to follow an order of removing the tiles.
  • Clean up the area and then level the floor with concrete that is designed to bond and form a layer over old concrete layer. 
Ceramic Floor Tiles on Concrete Base
This is almost the same as above, just that the concrete comes out totally and a new layer is needed.
  • As before, remove the grout around the tile. Remove the ceramic tiles with mastic and then break the tiles with a sledge-hammer.
  • Once the tiles have been broken, take a long handled floor scraper, slide it under the tiles and push them out so that the peel off the concrete base.
  • Next, scrape off any residue of mastic or tiles completely. Clean up the entire area by vacuuming it thoroughly.
  • Put a new layer of concrete, making sure you level it evenly so that new tiles can be laid.

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