A fireplace mantle is the focal point of your living room and a vital decorating space. Read for some tips and ideas on how to decorate your fireplace mantle.

How To Decorate A Mantel

While most of us spend a considerable amount of time decorating the house, we often forget dedicating some time for the fireplace mantle, which is as important as the rest of the house. It is the focal point of your living room and serves as a vital decorating space, as most of your guests are seated near the fireplace, especially in winters. Make sure that you decorate the mantle keeping elegance attached to it. The mantle adds style to the living area and presents a lot of opportunity to make the best of the place. Read for some tips and ideas on how to decorate a fireplace mantle.
Tips to Decorate Your Mantle
  • Do not attempt to decorate a mantle unless you are fully aware with the how the mantle has been styled. If it is made up of marble, it will require a different decoration as compared to the one which is made up of stones and gives a raw effect.
  • Decorations are done to enhance the beauty of the mantle. Once you know the style of the place, visualize it with items that would enhance its architectural structure.
  • Measure the area of the mantle from one end to the other. Ensure that you also know the size of the place surrounding the mantle. Choose a particular theme. A theme decoration gives a brighter look to the place than items which are chosen randomly. It also reflects the nature or lifestyle of the person who resides in the house.
  • The most important thing which you need to keep in mind, while decorating a mantle, is to be creative yet simplistic, decorative yet elegant.
  • Photo frames, mementos, candles, flowers, precious keepsakes make excellent choices for decorating the mantle.
  • The wall above the mantle should not be left empty. A large painting or a laminated photo or a mirror is the best options for the wall above the mantle.
  • Choose to be artistic and follow your instincts to come out with the best decoration.

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