Soybeans are rich in protein content and highly nutritious. Find out information on growing soya beans.

Growing Soybeans

Rich in protein content, soybeans are often referred to as ‘green manure’, as they add the organic matter of the soil. They have nodules that grow off their roots, converting the nitrogen gases in the soil to nitrogen compounds. Soybeans have varied uses and can be made into a number of recipes. They are extremely nutritious in content. Being multi purpose, in the sense that they are good for health and good for soil, they are the most popularly grown beans. On top of that, growing soybeans is an easy process. Read further to find how to grow soybeans and add to the value of your garden.
How to Grow Soybeans 
  • Soybeans can withstand cold temperatures. This allows for an early plantation of the crop. If you crop early, make sure that the seeds are only about one inch rooted to the soil.
  • Dust the seeds of soybeans with bacterial inoculants, to speed up the growth of nitrogen helping nodules. This will also reduce the need for any fertilizers.
  • Soybeans seeds should be one and a half to two inches deep rooted under the ground. Ensure that the topsoil is soft and loose.
  • One of the primary requirements for growing soybeans is the presence of lots of sunlight. Soybeans will not grow in moist or damp climate. They require a lot of sunlight. Do not grow them in a place which offers shade, as they also require gentle wind with sunlight.
  • The rows of soybeans must be 75cm apart. You can also allow inter row cultivation as well. However, if clogged at a single place, they form a great canopy and have fast growth.
  • Wet roots do not offer a great prospect for the growth of the plant. Check that there is proper drainage system. A raised bed would work perfectly, if the garden is a wet area.
  • Do not plant soybeans on the same place year after year. Change or rotate their growing location every year. Avoid growing the crop in a place where other legume crops have cropped in the recent times.
  • Soybeans need support to grow and thus you must dig pole sticks in the ground to allow them to creep around the pole. The plants need trimming as they grow, to avoid over crowding at the crop.

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