If you want to know about planting rose bushes read the article given below. Given here is complete information on how to plant or grow rose bushes in your garden.

How To Plant Rose Bushes

Roses are the most beautiful and desired flowers amongst all. If grown in the right weather, taking all the necessary precautions, the rose bushes can flourish properly, scattering fragrance all over the place. Though the requirements for growing roses are simple, they are quite important as well. Planting of rose bushes usually takes place in winter season and they blossom by the spring time. Apart from this, rose bushes need ample of sunlight, water and rich soil to grow. To know in detail, how to grow rose bushes in your garden, read on.
How to Plant Rose Bushes
  • Find a place in your garden where the soil drains well and which gets at least 5 hours of sunlight everyday.
  • Now, dig an 18 inch deep and wide hole in the ground. If you want to prepare a rose bed, dig the entire area 18 inches deep. This will loosen the soil for covering the roots.
  • As per the constitution of your soil, mix up to 50 percent organic matter and a handful of bone meal in the soil. For an estimate, remember that soil with heavy clay require more organic matter than lighter, sandier soil.
  • Partially fill the holes in the ground with the mixed soil, forming a pyramid in the center.
  • Carefully remove the rose bush from its container. Examine the plant and eliminate the broken roots.
  • Now, place the plant in the center of the hole, spreading its roots.
  • If the winter temperature remains above 0 degrees F, place the bud union at ground level, by adding or removing soil to the pyramid.
  • If the winter temperature falls below 0 degrees F, place the crown about 1 to 2 inches below ground level.
  • After this, fill the hole with soil, working between the roots, compressing lightly to prevent air pockets.
  • When the cavity is three-quarters filled, add a bucket of water into the hole. Wait till the water is completely absorbed. If needed, add a second bucket of water.
  • After all the water has been absorbed, check the level of the crown. If required, adjust the plant and fill the hole evenly to the ground level.
  • Now, spread about 2 inches of mulch over the area, to protect the plant and keep the soil moist.
  • Remember, roses require wet soil, so the bed should be watered at least twice a week. Do this with the help of a slow-dripping hose, so that the entire 18 inch layer of soil is moist. However, make sure you do not spill water over the leaves of the plant.

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