Here is a guide to tray ceiling making it clear how to build tray ceiling in your home. Learn here how to make tray ceiling and earn appreciation of your neighbors and friends.

How To Build Tray Ceiling

When your neighbors and friends are striving to make the ceilings of their homes distinct, why should you lag behind? Tray ceilings are something which have earned many a admirers in the West. Learn here how to build tray ceiling and enhance the ambience of your sweet home.
What are Tray Ceilings
Tray ceilings have a distinct design resembling a tray turned upside down. Usually these types of ceilings have a flat ceiling center with the sides sloping in from the walls. The tray ceilings are also built with a series of stepped square edges starting from the wall and ending at the flat centre.
Benefits of Tray Ceiling
Tray ceilings make the people stay in the rooms and laud the effort made. Moreover, these ceilings enlarge the height of the room without the cavernous feeling of vaulted ceilings.
Tray Ceilings in Bedroom
For adding style to your bedroom, paint the ceiling inset of your tray a few shades darker than the ceiling color. In case the tray ceiling is white, paint it with a corresponding color. The ambience would be better than when the ceiling was all white. If the bedroom has a traditional look, hire a professional to install crown moulding. It would raise the standard of the room several notches. Alternatively, you could ask an electrician to install recessed lights in the four corners. The result would soft lighting which would create a wonderful ambience.
Tray Ceilings in Drawing Room
For enhancing the effect of tray ceilings in drawing room, you have to employ a different strategy. Addition of picture frame moulding around the light fixture would be instrumental. Also install wallpaper within the moulding to create interest of the visitors inside your inset. A faux scene painted inside the moulding will make it special.
Tray Ceilings in Dining Room
Tray ceilings in dining room are good spots for accent color. Choose an accent color from your furnishings and paint the inset of the ceiling and sides with the color. Installing monorail lighting inside the inset would also do. You could also use hanging pendant or spots which could focus on artwork in the room.
Renovation of Existing Ceiling
Tray ceilings need additional framing for structural support. However, if your home does not have the required additional frame, there still is the way. With some effort, you could build tray ceilings in second-story rooms where a bit of attic space is available. If you think your attic can’t have a renovation, building tray ceilings could be a nice alternative to add style.

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