A Jacuzzi is synonymous with relaxation. Read the lines below to know the steps for installing the Jacuzzi.

How To Install A Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi is a symbol of extravagance and lavishness. There is nothing more exhilarating than relaxing in a Jacuzzi after a hectic day of work. While you ebb and flow in the pulsating bubbled water, your stresses and tensions of the day seem to melt away. It not only provides comfort and pleasure but also helps in blood circulation. It has been proven that strong influx of water dilates the blood vessels and when you take a bath filled with oxygen bubbles the whole experience intensifies blood circulation and relaxes the body. It also stimulates muscles and increases the tone of locomotion system. A Jacuzzi adds a luxurious touch to your bathroom and value to your home. Today the presence of Jacuzzi makes for a marketable product and almost all the high-end hotels and homes that have built in Jacuzzi, fetch higher resale values. If you are ready to add a Jacuzzi to your home, read the steps that are given to learn how to install a Jacuzzi with little trouble.
Tips For Installing A Jacuzzi
Things Required 
  • Location or site.
  • Concrete mixture.
  • Drainage pipes.
  • Filter
  • Electrical outlet and copper wiring.
  • Jacuzzi owner’s manual
  • Garden hose
  • Steps and tools to fix. 
How To Install 
  • Select the place to set up your Jacuzzi. If its location is outside ensure it is not placed underneath power lines or in a corner that would hamper the accessibility to the technical components placed underneath the tub. As extension cords are prohibited, make certain that you have a direct excess to electrical outlet.
  • Make the ground even. The floor at which the Jacuzzi is to be installed should be properly leveled. The floor needs to be strong and able to support the weight of the tub.
  • Remove any rocks or debris and level the ground. You have to pour a concrete slab foundation that is about 5-6 inches thick, and which, can support huge weight.
  • Make a supporting frame along the entire length of the bottom and the rim. Some Jacuzzi units come along with frames. If your Jacuzzi is not framed then you can hire a carpenter to make one for you or buy a readymade one. The frame must have an access panel to reach to the motor and pump in case of maintenance.
  • Next, you have to decide on your wiring. You can opt for a professional electrician or an experienced plumber as it can be a tricky business. This type of work engrosses electricity in close proximity to water, and increases the risk of shocks.
  • Next, you will have to prepare to install some drainage pipes, as it is important that the water from Jacuzzi drain properly into the drainage system. Though it’s rare, should a leak occur, proper drainage piping will not cause damage to your property.
  • Now when you are ready with this, bring your tub and place it on the center of the concrete slab. Connect the electricity circuit, in such a manner that the tub is stationary and stable.
  • Set up Jacuzzi cover and tighten the screws that secure the slots through which the cover aglet's thread. This will keep your tub clean and sheltered from the environment.
  • Install the filter in the side of the tub according to your manufacturer’s manual and directions given. Add any water additives advised in the installation guide. You can use garden hose to fill the water in the tub.

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