Tired of wires around the main gate? If yes, installing a wireless doorbell is the option for you. You don’t even need to wait for the electrician. Explore tips on how to install wireless doorbells.

How To Install A Wireless Doorbell

Gone are the days of dealing with long, entangled wires. Now is the era of wireless equipments. One such equipment that has given us relief from wires is the wireless doorbell, which would soon be taking over the wired ones. Wireless doorbells come with excellent features. They are flexible, portable and convenient, which makes them an effective substitute to the other option. These doorbells not only come with different features, but also are very simple to handle and install, making them user friendly and reliable. They require no running wires, special equipments or even a crash course as an electrician, for installation. All that is needed to install wireless doorbells is to follow a few simple steps, with a helper and a screwdriver. The most simple system comes with a battery operated transmitter for the door and a receiver for the inside house. The work involved in installing the system is just to insert batteries, attach the transmitter on the wall outside the front door and place the receiver anywhere inside the house. A more complex system might come with different transmitters for different entrances to your house and with multiple receivers. Whatever may be the system, it is not at all difficult to install. Just follow these simple tips and know how to install a wireless doorbell.
Installing Wireless Doorbells
  • The first step, while installing a wireless doorbell, is to cut off the power supply to the home. Follow the wires back to the transformer and remove them from the screw terminals. Turn the power back on and test the doorbell to make sure there is no electricity passing through the unit.
  • The next step is to remove the old doorbell button, by removing the screws with a screwdriver. Pull the button away and then remove the wires from the back of the doorbell button. Use the same location, if possible, to install the wireless doorbell to cover the hole from the old doorbell.
  • Decide as to how many doors you want to equip with a doorbell, and then determine the number of button units needed for the purpose. You can even choose from a variety of sounds, the ones that you like the most.
  • Wireless doorbells allow you to put receivers throughout your home, so determine how many sound units or receivers will be needed for your house.
  • Go in for a wireless doorbell kit with some additional feature that you might be looking for. You can get a simple kit or kits with intercom capabilities or even video features. Some kits even come with a light that flashes with the bell, to help residents with hearing impairments.
  • Next step in installing a wireless doorbell is to plug the receiver or the sound unit into an electrical outlet. Check the doorbell’s packaging to know the maximum distance that can be there between the button and the receiver. For more than one receiver, the locations need to be determined.
  • Make sure that you place the correct size batteries into the doorbell button and install it in the desired location by the front door. To prevent water and dust from entering the bell, seal the bell properly to the door.
  • Install several receivers in different locations in the home by purchasing a wireless doorbell that allows for the functioning of multiple bells.

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