Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a working breed and is used widely as a personal guardian. Read on to know more about Central Asian shepherd dogs.

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs

Breed: Working Dog
Height: 23.5-25.5 inches
Weight: 90-150 pounds
Coat: Two coat lengths - short and medium, with well developed undercoats
The Central Asian Shepherd is not a very demanding dog, although it is bold, strong and wary of strangers. This large, mastiff-type dog is used as a personal guardian and is widely used in guarding livestock, estates and flock. It can easily adapt to changes in the climate and this helps the dog to be used widely across Central Asia and the surrounding regions. Central Asian Shepherd dogs were earlier used in traditional dogfights. In the present time also, these dogs are used in such fights, but the rules have been tightened in favor of their safety. Read on to explore this dog breed in detail, with the lines that follow.
Central Asian Shepherd dog is almost 4000 years old. Though the true origin of this breed is unidentified, many trace its roots to the Tibetan Mastiff. For ages, the dog has been employed to guard and protect flocks of nomadic herdsmen. Although the breed flocked Russia sometime back, today it is more of a common sight in USA. Certain reports trace the origin of Central Asian Shepherd dogs to the areas between Caspian Sea, Turkey, Ural, and the Chinese border, in the northwestern part of the country. Even today, these dogs are found in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and more. The dogs are usually used to guard livestock and families in these countries. In certain parts of the Central Asia, these dogs are used for popular sports and past-time amusement, like dog fights.
Central Asian Shepherd dog is larger than most average dogs and is strongly built, watchful, snoopy and independent. It is mostly tall and covered with thick undercoat. The ears are short, while the tail is somewhat long. Central Asian Shepherd dogs can be either black or white in color, with complementary hues ranging from deep red and various shades of fawn to brindle. They have thick heads, with the neck low and short. Their body is usually broad and proportionate and the legs are straight and thick boned. One of the most striking things about this breed of dogs is that it can be very shy at times and very aggressive at others.
Central Asian Shepherd dogs are usually calm and fearless. They are friendly with almost all the members of their family. These dogs have a dominating nature and due to their protective instincts, they are likely to get aggressive when they come in contact with strangers. As these dogs are used as guards, they have a tendency to bark at night, to keep unwanted visitors away. If you aren’t using Central Asian Shepherd dogs as guards, make sure they get a chance to socialize. They get along with other dogs, unless the latter pose a threat, and are even friendly with cats. As they are more of domestic dogs, they appreciate regular interaction.
Genetic Disease
The Central Asian Shepherd dog has little history of genetic disorders. However, it might suffer from hip dysplasia.
Central Asian Shepherd dogs are easy to maintain, because of their well-developed undercoat. However, they need to be shed once every year.

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