Do you want to make you own bed canopy, but don’t know where to start? Read on to learn tips on making a bed canopy and have your sleeping more luxurious and soothing.

Make Your Own Bed Canopy

A canopy bed is a private space for you, in your bedroom. Many people like to have a canopy around their bed, to get a cozy feeling and give a luxurious look to their personal space. A bed canopy adds to the décor of your room, along with bringing in more privacy, comfort and coziness. However, a good canopy of your choice and desired shape and color is difficult to find and sometimes, even quite expensive. The solution is, of course, to make one at home. Making a bed canopy at home can be a simple and easy project to do. There are many ways of making your own bed canopy. The first step towards this project is to decide what type of canopy you desire to have around your bed. Once the style of canopy is decided, you can follow simple steps to have a beautiful canopy around the bed and make it look more beautiful and luxurious. Read on to learn how to make your own bed canopy.
Making A Bed Canopy
  • Get the measurement of the length and width of your bed. Once you have the measurement, determine the placement of your canopy. If you want your canopy to cover the entire bed, you should hang it around the middle. If you want the bottom half to be uncovered, hang the canopy over the head. Make a mark from where you would like to hang your canopy.
  • Next, screw the hook into the ceiling, where you have made the mark. Centre this in a ceiling beam, if possible. Remove the bed and use a ladder for this purpose, to ensure your safety.
  • Cut a 3 feet long cord and tie one end of the cord securely around the Hula-Hoop. You can also glue it with a hot glue gun. Repeat this process thrice, to have the hoop have 4 lengths of cord tied to it at regular intervals.
  • The next step will be to join the four lengths of the cord together, approximately at 1 foot from the end. One should make sure that the hoop hangs evenly when held from the knot. Keep adjusting until the hoop hangs parallel to the ground.
  • Lay the tulle and fold it in half, lengthwise. Place the hoop inside the tulle and collect the fabric above the knot in the cord. Fix the fabric at the place using another cord, letting the other length of the cord protrude out from the top.
  • Next step is to knot together the cords at the top and hang it from the ceiling, using a pendant hook. You can adjust the height after hanging the canopy, as desired. Once the knot is placed correctly, tighten and dab with hot glue, to prevent it from slipping.

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