Every time you step out of your home, you see weeds growing wildly in the driveways. Explore the article to know how to get rid of driveway weeds.

How To Get Rid Of Driveway Weeds

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” This can be true for Ralph Waldo Emerson but not many of you would appreciate it. Weeds might be appreciated in poems as an uneducated flower or so but not many educated people will like to see their place raided with weeds. Weeds give tough competition to the plants and flowers in your garden and end up being a threat to them. Yo often must have wondered why weeds do have an upper hand over other plants. The reason is that weeds have proven their mettle in minimum amount of nutrition, with even poor soil condition. In addition to that, weeds germinate even at low temperature that means that you can’t get rid of them even during winter season. This can be called a seriously unfair advantage over the other plants that are competing with it. Driveways weeds pose a greater nuisance as the weeds not only look unsightly but also can widen the pavement by growing in the cracks. Here are some remedies on how you can prevent driveway weeds.
Getting Rid Of Weeds
If you want an eco friendly way of getting rid of weeds, there is no better remedy than to treat it with salt. Rock salt works better but you can use other salt as well. Salt, of course is cheap and easily available and doesn’t pose any threat to the environment. Put some salt over the weed outbreaks and you will find it shrunk in a day or two. You can either use a tablespoon of salt on one weed or if the weather is favorable sprinkle some generous amount of salt making the soil more saline that can interrupt the healthy growth of your unwanted plant. 

Homemade Weed Killer
The kind of threat that a chemical poses to the environment is much more than what is caused by weeds. So if you prefer a way that is quite effective yet not harmful, go for this homemade weed killer mix. In a bucket, add vinegar and warm water in 1:1 ratio. Mix it with a cup of salt. Mix it properly and spray it on to the weeds. They will die down in 24 hours time and you can very well pull the weeds up. 

Weed Killing Chemicals/ Herbicides
At times when you feel nothing is working and you are having a really nasty time with the weeds, go for the herbicides. There are quite a lot of harsh chemicals available in the market that can be used to kill the weeds. However, you should take special care in protecting your eyes and nose from these herbicides.

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