Are you planning to have a gilded canopy to add up to the romantic ambiance of your room? Read on to get tips on how to make a canopy bed for cheap.

How To Make A Canopy Bed For Cheap

Are you one amongst those who just cannot stop imagining the romantic touch that a canopy can provide to the room? If yes, then you would know that owning a canopy bed is not all that easy. Having a canopy bed is like having a royal privilege at your room. A huge bed with silky, smooth canopy is a dream of every couple. However, the high prices of these beds make them an object of mere imagination and fantasy of young souls. This article, nevertheless tries to fulfill the dream of every person who wish to have a canopy for their bed, by providing the tips on building a cheap canopy bed. So, for all you people who dreamt of owning a dream-like canopy over your bed without much expenditure, there is good news. A little bit of knowledge, few hooks and a pair of curtains in your favorite fabric is all what you need to give your plain simple bed a face-lift into a beautiful canopy bed.
Tips On Building A Cheap Canopy Bed
  • Before moving forward with the idea of putting up a bed canopy, check your ceiling for sturdiness. Test the strength of your ceiling by screwing in a hook, an inch long, and then try giving it a gentle tug. If the hook stays on firm in the ceiling, you have a green signal to build the canopy. But if the screw comes out easily, it is advisable to reconsider your idea of building a bed canopy.
  • Once the firmness of your roof has been testified, decide on the placing of your canopy. Canopies usually have an opening. Hence, decide which side of your bed should the face of the canopy open. It is advisable to place the opening from where the in and out process becomes easier. Decide in advance where you want your canopy to be mounted, as well. Placing it to the centre of the bed will add to the overall look.
  • Go in for some shopping. Get to a local hardware store and pick up few sturdy hooks. Purchase a pack of at least 40-50 hooks to make sure that you have enough stock to complete the canopy. Purchase some heavy duty twine or strings as well. Buy the strings that are strong enough to hold around 20 lb of weight.
  • Once you have purchased the hooks and strings, it is time to consider the type of curtains you would love to have over your bed. If you are not too fond of the readymade material, go in to a local fabric store and get a customized curtain stitched from your favorite fabric in the design you would like to see over your bed. 
  • Once you have all the required materials, measure the dimensions of your bed and mark the area with a pencil or a light shade temporary marker on the ceiling. Add at least two inches to each side, while marking the dimensions on the ceiling.
  • Once you are done with marking the dimensions, start screwing in the hooks following the line that you’ve just marked. There should be a hook every 12 inches to avoid the canopy from drooping. If you are making your canopy out of a heavy fabric, place the hooks closer to each other to support the heavy fabric.
  • Once you have placed all your hooks in line with your marking, start adding curtains to your canopy. Tie the strings to one of the hooks, preferably the one at the back of the bed. Thread the string to the first hook and then thread it through the curtain. Once you have passed through around 10 inches of curtain, tie the string to another hook and thread it through the curtain again. Continue the process until the curtains surround the bed. It is a tricky exercise, and hence, it is better to have a person to help you with putting up the curtains.
  • If after putting the curtains you don’t get an opening where you wanted it to be, cut through the curtain and add one opening at the desired portion. You can get down the curtain and hem where you have made a cut, so that it does not look messy.
  • If the hooks on your ceiling are still visible after you’ve put on the canopy, tie colorful bows or ribbons around the hooks. The bows will not only help hide the hooks, but will also add a decorative and a personal touch to the canopy.
  • Enjoy a beautiful canopy which will give you the coziness and the privacy you have always dreamt of. The best feature about this type is that you can even change the design and the type of your canopy any time you want.

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