Bringing a new cat home can be a demanding time for both the cat and the folks at home. Click here for more information on bonding with your new cat.

Bonding With Your New Cat

You have decided to have a cat as your next pet. You bring it home for the very first time and it’s already time for you to start forging that special relationship with your new feline friend. Connecting with your cat is time delightfully spent. This entails not just feeding your fuzzy pet, but also giving it a cozy bed, fresh water, proper vet care and, above all, loving attention. However, bringing a new cat home for the first time can be a demanding time for both the cat and folks at home. For folks at home, not knowing how the cat will react to its new environs and how to approach it for the first time can be a little worrying. From the cat’s perspective, it finds itself in odd environs, with odd smells, sounds, and people! It is therefore vital to take time to learn about your pet’s individuality, its likes and dislikes. The quality time you spend with it and the stuff you jointly do will build that tender bond and form that strong affiliation for many years to come. Read on for some tips to help you bond with your new feline friend.
Bonding With Your New Cat 
  • Remember to pet your kitty often, if this is what it enjoys. This will make the kitty purr and you can do this until it falls asleep.
  • A cat, just like humans, takes time to bond. Therefore remember to connect with a new cat gradually. No cat will be instant friends with you. It will be a while before it adjusts and becomes friendly.
  • Bring yourself to your cat’s level and personalize your relationship with the kitty. Get off the settee and sit on the floor with your legs widened or crossed and let your cat come up and meet you.
  • It is important for you to introduce your scent to the cat first. By doing so, the cat will be familiar with you. You can do this by introducing the cat to a sweaty piece of your grimy laundry for it to smell and snooze on - the sweatier, the better. Otherwise, you can rub a little of the cat’s food onto your hands while placing its feeding bowl before it.  The natural body oils on your hands will infuse their smell into the food. In this way, eating will be related with your odor.
  • Remember to feed your feline friend on time every day. Set up a time table and abide by it. You need to try to feed the cat around the same time every day.
  • Groom it regularly. This activity helps in bonding with your cat. However remember that some cats are reserved and do not like being handled manually or groomed too often. Remember to go slow and do things that make your cat comfortable. Never upset the cat in any way.
  • It’s a good idea to let kitty sleep with you at times. It will help in the bonding process.
  • Cats are prone to tick and flea infestation. Keep a watch and get rid of fleas periodically. If kitty keeps scratching a lot, in all probability it has ticks or fleas. You can help kitty with medicated powders and soaps that are available with the vet. These will help do the trick. You can also lend the cat a helping hand by giving it a modest scratch where it appears to be itchiest.
  • Just like humans, each cat has a unique personality. Learn more and get to know your pet better. For instance, notice what it likes to play with, eat or sleep with, and so on. All these will help your pet love you and bond with you for a long time to come. Get to know your cat the best you can.

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