East Siberian Laika breed is known for its strong hunting instinct and a good sense of direction. Explore this article to know more about East Siberian Laika dogs.

East Siberian Laika Dogs

Breed: Hunting
Height: 22-25 inches
Weight: 40-50 pounds
Coat Type: Coarse, dense and soft
The East Siberian Laika is a beautiful breed that resembles a wolf. Also known as Laika de Siberie orientale, Ostsibirischer Laika and Vostotchno-Sibirskaia Laika, this dog is even tempered, calm, easy to train and very obedient. It is the largest among all the four hunting Laikas of Russia, others being West Siberian Laika, Russo-European Laika and Karelo Finnish Laika. The dog is mainly used for pulling sleds and is capable of hunting large games as well, such as elk, bear and wild boar. It has a strong hunting instinct and a notable sense of direction, because of which it is always able to find its way home. Though it is quiet, the dog makes a loyal companion and dependable watchdog. Read on further to know more about East Siberian Laika dogs.
The East Siberian Laika is known to have originated in the Lake Baikal (aka the Blue Eye of Siberia, which is the largest freshwater lake in the world) regions. The dog is said to have developed from the dogs found in the Lake Baikal region. Though its origin is not known, it is believed to descend from spitz type dogs, brought from the west by tribes that migrated to the Evinki National Territories, Irkitsk Province, Amur River Basin and Maritime Territory. Several dogs were cross-bred to develop the East Siberian Laika. Five main variants were developed, namely Evenki Laika, Jakutia Laika, Irkutsk Laika, Amur Laika and Tofolar Laika, which differed in size, head proportion, ear shape, tail carriage and coat color. The East Siberian Laika is known to have developed from the Evenki Laika. The first breed was standardized by wildlife biologist, K.G. Abramov in 1949. The breed was recognized by the United Kennel Club on January 1, 1996.
The East Siberian Laika is a large strong beautiful dog. It has a wedge-shaped head, with a broad skull. The muzzle is equivalent to the length of the skull. The breed mostly has a black nose, but some dogs are known to have brown noses too. The ears are triangular in shape and pricked. The oval shaped eyes are dark colored and slanting. The dog has a strong back, with a broad, slightly arched loin. The tail is either sickle- or ring-shaped. A sickle tail is either erect or curves towards the loin, while a ring shaped tail leans on the croup or buttocks. The medium length double coat has straight and harsh hair, which protects the dog. The undercoat is thick, wooly and soft. The coat color can range from white, black and grey to brown and red. The most common coat is the karamis coat, where the dog is black and tan colored with light patches.
The East Siberian Laika has a calm and well balanced temperament, making it an affectionate and loyal companion. It makes a good watchdog, since it is highly alert and has an innate distrust of strangers. Since it is accustomed to frigid temperatures of Russia and requires extensive exercise, this dog cannot live in apartments. It blends well with children, especially if raised along with them.
Genetic Diseases
The East Siberian Laika dog has not yet been diagnosed with any kind of diseases and ailments.
Though the East Siberian Laika has a longish dense coat, it does not require frequent maintenance. However, the hair should be brushed once or twice a week, by running the brush through the thick mane. Also, the dog should not be bathed too frequently to avoid removing the natural oils from the waterproof coat. Ears and teeth have to be cleaned more regularly.

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