The English Foxhound dog is a very beautiful breed with an excellent temperament. Explore the article to know the details about English Foxhound dogs.

English Foxhound Dogs

Breed: Hound
Height: Male: 22-25 inches, Female: 21-24 inches
Weight: 65-70 pounds
Coat Type: Short, hard, dense and glossy
The English Foxhound is a highly energetic and very beautiful breed. Playful and affectionate, the dog forwards an easygoing nature and is renowned for its strong voice. The English Foxhound has a sturdy, alert and sporty look and makes way to be a great hunting, tracking and watchdog. It shines in the great outdoors and makes a wonderful live-in companion. The lifespan of the English Foxhound is 10 to 13 years. With great levels of stamina, the dog is capable of accompanying on long distance jogging or biking. Read through the following lines to know more about the English Foxhound breed.
The origin of English Foxhound dog can be dated back to the 1500s in Great Britain. The Deerhound or Staghound was used for hunting deer for both food and sport by the Nobles and Royalty. With the depletion of the deer, a new prey was looked out for and finally, the fox was selected. Thus, emerged the English Foxhound that was created by cross breeding the Greyhound, for speed, the Fox Terrier, for hunting instinct and the Bulldog, for tenacity in the hunt. The breed had impressive stamina and a good nose, and accompanied hunters on horseback. The dog was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1909.
The English Foxhound is a medium-sized athletic hunting dog. It has a wide skull, while the muzzle is long. The long nose is about 4 inches long with nostrils wide open. The ears lay flat to the head and hang low close to the cheeks. The large eyes are brown and carry a sweet expression. The straight and muscular legs have cat-like paws almost rounded. The long tapered tail is usually set high. The short and dense coat is either tri-colored (black, white and tan) or bi-colored (white and tan).
Traditionally a pack hound, English Foxhound is a very sociable breed. The dog is playful, inquisitive, tolerant and gentle. Courageous and energetic, the dog is a passionate hunter and is capable of running for hours, at a consistent speed. English Foxhound makes an excellent companion for children and blends well with other dogs and animals. There are two types of English Foxhound dogs, namely, field lines and show lines (bench). The field types are mainly bred for hunting and field trial work, while the bench types are bred for conformation shows. Though both are highly energetic, the field lines have a better energy level and thus, require more exercise. This breed cannot adjust to apartment life and requires extensive exercising. The breed makes a good companion on walking, jogging or biking.
Genetic Diseases
English Foxhound dog is generally a healthy breed with very few health problems. Occasionally seen diseases include hip dysplasia, renal disease and epilepsy.
The English Foxhound dog has a short and hard coat, which requires very little grooming. The dog should be combed and brushed with a bristle brush and should be shampooed, only when necessary. The breed is an average shedder.

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