You can use your own creativity and ideas while designing your child’s room. In case you need any help, check out the kids’ room interior design ideas given in this article.

Children Room Design

You child’s room should be decorated and arranged in a way that reflects his/her taste and personality. Apart from that, many other factors need to be kept in mind while designing kids’ room. Kids generally want their room to be funny, exciting and full of colors. However, there should be ample of free space, so that they can fool around and have fun. The ideas for decorating the room also vary depending on whether the child is a guy or a girl. Guys usually prefer a sporty look; while for girls, it is always the soft cushions and light shades that attract them the most. You can even include ideas from your child, while adding the minute details to make his/her room more personalized. This way, he/she will be more attached with the room, as he/she will feel that his/her ideas have been taken into account and considered. We have provided some very simple and amazing ideas that you can use while deciding on the design of children room and decorating it
Kids’ Room Interior Design Ideas
Disney Theme
Without a theme or base, it is almost futile to start designing the kids’ room. It is absolutely important to have a theme that suits the interest of your child. The most popular themes for decorating kid’s room are cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and so on. For girls, Disney fairies and princesses are the popular themes, starting from Snow-White, Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine. Make the entire room a land of dreams and pleasure. Your kids will definitely love this and spend every free minute in his/her lovely room.
Movie Theme
Animated movies and fictional characters are a rage among children now-a-days and they would just love to see pictures of their favorite animated characters, like Aladdin, Genie, Little Mermaid and Lassie, imprinted on their room walls. Apart from wall prints, you can also follow such themes while purchasing the curtains, pillow covers and bed sheets for their room.
When it comes to decorating kids’ room, it is always the dark colors and bright hues that you should opt for. You can also mix and match different shades, like a neutral base with a splash of a bright shade. Also, the choice in color varies depending on whether the child is a boy or a girl. Girls usually love shades of pink or peach while for the boys, you should go with blue, chocolate or green.
Personal Space
Ensure that the room has enough space to allow the kids enjoy personal activities. Avoid too much furniture, as it will make the room look messy and will lessen the playing space for children. Particularly for a small room, keep it neat and simple. In case the room is big, with lots of free space, you can consider incorporating furniture like rocking chair. However, avoid too many equipments, as they tend to give the room a cluttered look.
To keep your child interested and pre-occupied, be sure to incorporate stuffs that interest him/ her. These hobbies may vary from playing musical instruments to collecting teddies, looking through a telescope and even browsing though photographs. For instance, if your child loves to read books, arrange for a small shelf containing all his favorite books.

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