Decorating formal dining room needs some innovative thinking to better the overall look. Explore the articles for some wonderful ideas on how to decorate the formal dining room.

How To Decorate Formal Dining Room

If entertaining guests and throwing parties is on your mind, formal dining room has to be your call. The advantage of a formal dining room is that it makes even the simplest food look special and welcoming, and you can also bring out your china wares out and decorate them at the dining table, rather than taking them out every time you have invited guests over for dinner. Hosting glamorous Sunday parties will become all too special for you and your guests in your formal dining room as well. Read on to know some fabulous ideas on how to decorate a formal dining room.  
Formal Dining Room Decorating Ideas 
  • Take out the all the flower arrangements and statues, often used in a traditional dining room décor. You can go for large print tonal wallpaper on one of the walls, rather than going for the commonly used floral papers. This will impart a more modern look to your dining room, while looking elegant at the same time.
  • Dark colors, such as burgundy or eggplant, are best suited for formal dining rooms. More modern hues of chocolate brown or even black are also suitable for those who are also willing to experiment a bit. The furniture has to be in rich cherry wood. However, you need to take care that dark colors don’t make the room feel closed in. Rich gold and cream color also looks elegant.
  • You can go for a buffet arrangement to serve food and store your chinaware. Lamps can also be used for lighting and effect. You can search on the local thrift shops for the same.
  • Adding in a personal element will give a welcoming appearance to your formal dining room. Picking up a flatware for your dinging room can work out as a good idea. Original artwork, in the form of black and white pictures from your photo collection, is an ingenious decorative addition to the room. You can also frame the snaps in an oversized mat, or simply make a collage.  
  • Your formal dining room décor is a rather advantageous choice. You can try to find people dishing out dining sets and crystal chandeliers to go for a more modern approach. This will help to reduce some of your expenses.
  • Work something up on the ceilings. Faux ceiling beams can be added. If possible, you can also go for brush golden or silver leaf squares in the middle of a tray ceiling, for adding a decorative and modish touch. 
Some Tips 
  • If your budget allows the same, you can also choose to go for wooden flooring in your formal dining room. Marble flooring is another option that could be tried. Also, flanking the windows will help the look.
  • For bigger dining rooms, with a formal look, an armless upholstered sofa and pillows for comfort will add the much-needed glamour and style.
  • You can also go for a mix and match style arrangement, so that a personal touch is brought in.

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