Lights not only illuminate a dining room, but can be used for accentuating its certain aspects also. Explore some lighting tips for dining room.

Dining Room Lights

Dining room is the place where you can do a simple thing such as enjoying a dinner with your family members or a much more complicated task like entertaining guests at a formal party. Whatever be your reason for using the room, you have to ensure that it looks warm and inviting. Lighting plays a very important role in the overall décor of a dining room. It can make even a simple room look very much attractive, cheerful and welcoming. While suitable dining room lights can leave a great impression, harsh ones can make the ambience look very imposing. So, make sure to choose the correct type of lighting for your dining room, keeping the necessary tips in mind.
Types of Dining Room Lights
Amongst the most important lights in a dining room is the chandelier. There is usually a central chandelier in the room, which is placed over the table. It can be used for general illumination as well as an addition to the room’s overall décor.
Down Lights
Incandescent down lights are mainly used for accentuating specific areas of the dining room. You can use them as table centerpiece, for illuminating an artwork, adorning the serving tables and even highlighting buffets.
Track Lights
Track lights serve much the same purpose as down lights. You can use them to add dramatic accents throughout the room. However, make sure to place them at just the right place.
Dining Room Lighting Tips 
  • Whether it is the drawing room, dining room or kitchen, natural lighting is the best. Allow as much natural light to come into your dining room as possible. Artificial lighting fixtures should be reserved for use in the evenings only.
  • Chandeliers add to the overall décor of a dining room. They should be placed above the dining table, the focal point of the room, illuminating it in just the right way.
  • The overheads lights in the dining room should always be bright, ensuring that people are able to see what they are eating. However, if you are planning to create a romantic ambience, replace them with candles on the table as well as other fixtures.
  • Observe the room at various times of the day, with the blinds open as well as drawn. This would provide you with a complete idea as to where should you install light fixtures.
  • Always take note of those areas of the room that mostly remain in the dark and need to be illuminated. Say, if you have a buffet against a wall, there should be enough natural or artificial lighting to allow people to see what is being served.
  • Lamps give character to the décor of a dining room. The buffet, dining table, end table and sideboard are amongst the best locations in a dining room, where you can put lamps.

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