Dining room is the place where family members eat together & have many significant conversations. Get tips on arranging dining room.

Dining Room Decor

Dining room is the place where the whole family sits together to have conversation. Since it is one of those rooms where family members spend time together, it is very necessary for you to make it look cozy and welcoming. At the same time, the main reason why people go to the dining room is to eat food, so the overall décor of the room should stimulate appetite. A dining room may comprise of a separate room or might be out in the open. It may be attached to kitchen or living room. Keeping in mind its location as well as overall purpose, formal or informal, you will have to select the right décor for the dining room. 
The Main Elements
The basic elements that make up a dining room have been listed below:
Table is the focal point of dining room, around which everything else is arranged. You have the option of going for different shapes - rectangular, square or round, size - four seater, six seater or eight seater, and different materials - wood or glass. Before deciding on the shape and size of table, the shape and size of the dining room as well the number of family members should be considered, while the dining room décor will decide the materials to be used.
Chairs comprise of the next essential item that you will have to buy for your dining room. The number of chairs that you need to buy will depend on the size and shape of the dining table. You can go for upholstered chairs, leather finish chairs or wood finish chairs, depending upon the décor of the room as well as your preferences. The chairs should be high as well as wide enough to seat the family members comfortably and light enough to move around.
Amongst the main accessories of the dining room are hutches, buffets, corner cabinets, storage cabinets and sideboards. Their main purpose is to provide storage space and extra serving surfaces. At the same time, they help maintain the overall décor of the dining room. Things like hutches and cabinets can be used to store as well as display fine china, glass ware, cutlery and table linen. When entertaining, they can be used to lay out a buffet, salads or snacks.
It is said that a 'family that eats together, stays together'. In this context, dining room forms one of the main rooms for the family members to sit together and enjoy each other's company. So, apart from serving the functional purpose, a dining room should also look appealing enough to draw people. In this context, embellishments, such as wall hanging, lighting accessories and floral centerpieces, can play a major role.
Arranging Dining Room 
  • While arranging the dining room, remember that the table will either go in the center or near the kitchen or under the chandelier.
  • Next, you will be placing the chairs around the table. The side chairs will always remain attached to the table, while the chairs at the end can also be placed flanking a window or sideboard.
  • Serving table or buffet looks good opposite kitchen door, under the window, if any.
  • The accessories, like hutches, buffets, corner cabinets, storage cabinets and sideboards, are always aligned along the walls surrounding the dining table.
  • Remember that there should be a minimum of 18 inches space around the table when people are seated, to allow for easy movement.
  • Golden or creamy yellow, terracotta, wine, burgundy and dusty rose are the colors best suited for the dining room, as they stimulate appetite.
  • While picking the colors for linen and china, try to contrast them with the other colors. Say, you can contrast the color of table linen with that of the walls and china with that of the table.

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