Cleaning a bathroom is easy, provided you know the right steps. Read on to know how to clean your bathroom with minimal effort.

Cleaning Bathroom

Bathroom, apart from kitchen, is that room in a house which gets the dirtiest, mainly because of the nature of the work that is done inside it. No matter how much time and money you have spent on making your bathroom the envy of everyone who visits your house, if you do not keep it clean, hardly anybody is going to take notice of the plush interiors and lavish furnishings. In fact, a simple bathroom, if clean and properly organized, can attract much more attention than a swish, but dirty one. Cleaning a bathroom is not too difficult, provided you go step-by-step, while undertaking the entire process.
How to Clean Your Bathroom
Dust Ceiling and Corners
Start the cleaning process by dusting the ceiling and corners of your bathroom which often get neglected in the daily clean-up. If your have tiled walls, you can wash them with water, if moderately dirty, or soap and scrubber, if very dirty. As for the ceiling, simple dusting will do. If you have any wall art, be careful while cleaning and use water cautiously.
Clean Vents and Fans
Cleaning of vents and fans will come next. Make sure to use a gentle cleaner, which has been diluted with water. Take a clean cloth and use it to clean the outside of vents and fans, following it with a quick dry wipe.
Wash Light and Window Fixtures
Take down all the light fixtures in the bathroom. Wash them gently and let air-dry, before installing back. At the same time, thoroughly rinse draperies and curtains, dust the blinds and wash windowsills and corners. Do not forget to give a thoroughly wash to the inside and outsides of windows.
Scrub Main Fixtures
The main fixtures of a bathroom, namely shower, tub, toilet, sink and mirror, need to be scrubbed properly. Clean shower doors, wash shower curtains, scrub handle and crevices of toilet, remove soap scum buildup in the tub and wipe the sink clean. Spray the mirror with water and use a newspaper to clean it.
Clean Cabinets
The cabinets in the bathroom - medicine cabinets, linen cabinets and the like, also need to be cleaned as well as arranged on a regular basis. Take inventory of your linens and medicines, throwing out the outdated ones and replacing them with new ones. Remember to wash the cabinet on the inside as well as outside.
Scour Rugs and Mats
The rugs and mats used in the bathroom accumulate dust and dirt on a daily basis, so need a scrupulous clean-up. First of all, shake them properly, to get rid of as much dirt as possible. Thereafter, launder them thoroughly, hang and let air-dry.
Sweep and Mop Floor
After everything else has been cleaned, it is the time to focus your attention on the bathroom floor. Give it a thorough sweep. Thereafter, go down on your hands and knees and scrub with the help of a rag or towel. In case of stains, use a gentle cleaning solution.
Empty and Wash Trash Can
The last step in cleaning your bathroom will comprise of emptying the trash can and washing it with soap and water. You can reduce the work involved by lining the trash can. This will help keep it cleaner longer and also make it less dirty. Use leftover grocery sacks for the purpose.

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