Many factors are responsible for the onset of bad breath in dogs. Check out information on causes & remedies of dog bad breath.

Dog Bad Breath

One of the major dental problems seen in pets, including dogs, is bad breath or Halitosis, the condition of foul smelling breath. The unpleasant odor coming from the mouth of your dog is not only repulsive, but unfavorable for the health of the dog as well. You may even turn the other way, in an attempt to avoid those lovely licks by your dog, owing to his bad breath. Many factors are related to the onset of bad breath in dogs. To know more about the ailment, its causes and remedies, go through the following lines.
Causes of Dog Bad Breath 
  • Feeding on decayed raw meat and high intake of canned food are some of the prominent causes of bad breath in a dog.
  • The foul-smelling breath in dogs is also formed by the build up of bacteria in their mouth, which results in the production of plaque.  
  • Decay in the teeth is cited as one of the major causes of dog bad breath.
  • Infection around the mouth of your dog, especially folds of the lips, may also be the cause for bad breath in your dog.
  • Oral diseases, including tonsillitis and trauma, may give you dog's breath an objectionable odor.
  • Sinus infections or other respiratory diseases may also result in foul-smelling breath of your dog.
  • Kidney disease and Diabetes mellitus are also associated with bad breath in dogs. 
Remedies for Dog Bad Breath
  • Visit a veterinary doctor at least once a year, to get your dog’s teeth checked and cleaned.
  • Brush your dog's teeth on a regular basis, at least once a day.
  • Do not feed your dog with tinned food brands on a regular basis.
  • Prevent your dog from eating old bones and food scrapes.
  • Giving your dog a nylabone to chew on a daily basis will help stimulate his gums, thereby reducing the bad breath.
  • Avoid including foods high in sugar content, in your dog’s diet.
  • Feed your dog black colored dog biscuits that have added charcoal. They can stick to odor causing substances and reduce bad breath significantly.

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