Is your dog infected by mange? This article lists out different home remedies that will get rid of mange.

Home Remedies For Mange

Mange is an infestation of tiny parasites or mites on the skin of dogs. While cats and other animals can also be affected by mange, dogs are more prone to be infested with it. The word “mange” comes from the word “mangier” which literally means “to eat”. This is an apt name for these parasites, since they burrow into the outer surface of the dog’s skin and drink its blood. These can cause nasty allergic reactions, and, in extreme infestations, the death of the animal. If your pet has a mange infestation, the most common symptoms are continuous scratching, dehydration, loss of appetite and weight loss. Brown marks appear around the snout and the ears become crusty. Patches might emerge on the head and neck of the dog and the fur becomes thin with bald patches. If your dog exhibits these symptoms, one remedy will be to take it to a good veterinarian. Alternatively, you can use some home remedies to address this problem. Some of these home remedies for mange are listed below.
Natural Cures For Mange
Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax 
Mange in dogs can be treated very effectively by creating a mixture of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution in borax and water. Make sure that the mixture is completely dissolved before applying it on to your dog’s coat. Wash your dog once a week with this solution and do not wipe dry. Wiping the dog dry will not allow the treatment to take full effect. Use this for a maximum of two months.
Honey can be applied to the skin of the animal and then wiped off at night. If you do not wipe the honey off, you will find your pet’s skin bitten by ants the next morning.
Apply plain yogurt to the ears of the dog to address the problem with crusting and possible discharge due to mange. Two tablespoons should be sufficient.
Cooking Oil 
A few drops of cooking oil applied directly to the skin of the dog will address the irritation that is caused by mites. This will also soften the waxy deposits on the dog’s skin as well as kill the mites at the same time.
Apple Cider Vinegar 
One tablespoon of apple vinegar cider (unpasteurized), added to your pet’s meal will be effective to treat mange. Also, this will be a treat for your dog.
Soapy Water 
Use mildly soapy water on the skin of your dog. The alkaline nature of the soap will kill mites as well as prevent the spread of mange.
Slice a lemon and boil it in water while the peel is still on. Let the lemon soak in the water overnight. Apply it to your pet’s coat the next morning using a sponge. This will also make your pet’s coat glossy.
Routine Bathing 
Give your pet a regular bath. It is preferable to soak the pet in a bath tub for better results.
Treat Bedding 
Thoroughly wash your dog’s bedding and treat other places where it sleeps, so as to get rid of mites that might be in the seams of the bedding.
Brush Out the Fur 
Brush out your dog’s fur regularly. This will help treat scabs and scaly skin.

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