Wood fences are chosen as per the form of your home and functionality. Go through the article and get the information about the different types of wood fencing.

Types Of Wood Fences

Fences not only create a boundary for your home, but also add an aesthetic look to your yard and protect it. When it comes to fencing your home using wood, you may be overwhelmed by the wide variety of fences available in the stores. However, if you narrow-down the types of wooden fences, you will be able to figure out which will be suitable for you. Wood fence types are basically based on the form and functionality. To know about the different types of wood fences, read the following lines.  
Types Of Wood Fences
Wood fences can be categorized on the basis of:
  • Form
  • Functionality 
Based On The Form
The form of wood fences largely depends upon the styling of your house and landscape-design style. Split-rail wood fences, log wood fences and picket-style fences come under this category. Split-rail and log-wood fences are commonly used for ranch-style houses, whereas picket-style fencing will be best suited for cottage-style homes. 
  • Split-Rail Wood Fences: This type of wood fencing provides a rustic look to the outdoor space. Homes in the countryside generally make use of this fencing, with the simple aim of identifying boundaries between properties. Western red cedar wood is the most preferred by people opting for split-rail wood fencing.
  • Log-Wood Fences: Log-wood fences offer a sense of privacy to the inhabitants. These fences bring out the real beauty of wood. They can be installed either with horizontal or with vertical log panel.
  • Picket-Style Fencing: If you want to add a unique charm to your yards, opt for picket-style fencing. There is a wide variety of picket-style fencing available in the market, out of which dog-ear spaced picket, French gothic spaced picket and pointed top spaced picket are the most popular ones. 
Based On The Functionality
Some wooden fences look very beautiful, but do not serve the special needs of your home. For instance, if you have pets at home and want them to be within the yard, then opting for a fence specially designed to serve the purpose will be a wise decision. Electric dog fences will be best suited in such a case. On a more general level, there are two basic functions of fencing - durability and privacy, which determine the particular type that you should use. 
  • Durability: Western red cedar wood fences are regarded as the best for great durability. This type of wooden fencing reduces the risks of warping and rotting. Cedar posts are fixed directly into the ground, with a ground clearance of 2 inches.
  • Privacy: If privacy is your priority, go for solid wood fence. It is constructed tight to the ground, so that there is no unsecured gap left in between. Pressure treated pine lumber, cedar, cypress and oak are generally used to construct the wood fence. This type of fence will act as a solid visual barrier between your yard and your neighbor’s yard.

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