Carpet tiles are the latest fashion, as far as the bathroom is concerned. Know more about carpet tiles for bathroom.

Bathroom Carpet Tiles

Using carpet tiles in the bathroom is not a very recent trend. This particular type of tiles have been in existence has been in existence for over 50 years, only its popularity is at an increasing level these days. Originally used as a durable alternative to traditional broadloom carpet, carpet tiles have made inroads into the bathroom as well. They usually come in the size of 18 x l8 inches, with varying thickness, different patterns and myriad colors. Bathroom carpet tiles come in two varieties - dry-backed and self-sticking. While the former requires special adhesive or double-faced tape, the latter can be installed just by removing the covering paper.
Why Carpet Tiles for Bathroom?
There are many advantages of installing carpet tiles in the bathroom, some of which are: 
  • One of the major advantages of carpet tiles is that they are quite inexpensive, as they require no underlay.
  • Carpet tiles produce less waste than other flooring types, especially in awkward shaped rooms.
  • Carpet tiles can easily be laid by the house owners, saving them the cost of professional fitting as well.
  • In case there is any damage to a floor covered with carpet tiles, you can replace just that particular area and don't need to lay the entire floor again.
  • As compared to other tiles, carpet tiles allow easier access to under-floor wiring or plumbing.
  • Carpet tiles are less dense than actual carpets and can easily serve high as well as low traffic areas.
  • Carpet tiles are pretty warm to touch and do not present the risk of slipping in the bathroom. 
The Disadvantages
The reason why you should think twice before installing carpet tiles have been mentioned below: 
  • If your bathroom is in the basement, it is not advisable to make use of carpet tiles. This is because in such a place, they could grow mildew very easily.
  • When compared with the other type of tiles, carpet tiles offer lesser number of options.
  • Carpet tiles are much difficult to clean and maintain than vinyl or laminate flooring.
  • As time passes, carpet tiles can pull around the edges and create an uneven appearance. 
Cleaning and Maintenance 
  • The best way to clean carpet tiles is to vacuum them on a regular basis, removing all the dust and dirt.
  • In case of any spills, clean it almost immediately, working from the edges of the spill towards the centre.
  • If the tile is too dirty, you can lift it from the floor and rinse under the tap, using a mild detergent solution and soft brush.
  • When you wash a carpet tile, let it dry properly. At the same time, let it air dry and don't put it on a radiator or other artificially hot surface.

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