Cleaning porcelain tiles regularly would go a long way in assuring the beauty and long life of your flooring. With the tips given in this article, know how to clean porcelain floor tiles.

Cleaning Porcelain Floor Tiles

One of the most popular flooring used for bathrooms and kitchens, porcelain tiles are durable and extremely easy to clean. Since the tiles are moisture resistant and resist staining, they can be cleaned better and more easily than any other type of flooring. Regular sweeping and mopping of the floor would promise you a shiny floor for years to come. However, with the hectic schedule, it is possible to miss out on routine cleaning. In case you have been ignoring the floor tiles for quite some time now and they are boasting of rigid stains as well as dirt and grime on the grout, it is time to undertake a cleaning procedure. Given in the following lines are tips on how to clean porcelain floor tiles. 
How To Clean Porcelain Floor Tiles
Materials Required
  • Broom
  • Mop or Sponge
  • Soft Damp Cloth
  • Vinegar
  • Dish Soap
  • Hot Water
  • For cleaning the porcelain floor tiles, you need to first sweep them well. For this, the best bet would be to use a broom, instead of vacuum cleaner, as the latter might lead to scratching of the tile. Make sure you concentrate on the grout lines, as this is where dirt accumulates the most.
  • Now, using a damp mop or sponge, sweep away the dirt. As for the water solution, mix one cup white distilled vinegar and a tsp of dish soap, in one gallon of hot water. Scrub more on the grout lines and spots if any.
  • Using clean water and damp cloth, rinse off the soapy solution to remove film and residue. Congratulations!! Your porcelain floor tiles are absolutely clean and dirt free.
Other Methods
For Unpolished Porcelain Floor Tiles
Remove all the furniture and sweep the floor. Now, mix non-bleach, cleaning solution in a bucket of hot water and let it run down the floor. After about a few minutes, mop the area and scrub it off with a soft brush. Wipe the floor clean with a piece of cloth. Mopping one time would not be sufficient, so the best would be to clean it again with water.
For Polished Porcelain Flooring
The polished flooring should first be dust-mopped. Do not use broom for the process, as it may scratch the flooring, damaging the polish. Now, mix a quarter of mild cleaning solution in a bucket filled with water. Clean the tiles with a mop and then wipe them off with a piece of rag. Do not forget to dry the floor with a clean cloth, so as to preserve its luster.
For Textured Porcelain Flooring
While textured porcelain tiles looks extremely classy and fascinating, cleaning them can be an issue, as dirt tends to get stuck on the textured pattern. Using a broom, sweep the floor in every direction, to get rid of the dirt. Using a detergent solution, clean the floor. In case there are stubborn stains or dirt, the best would be to scrub the floor. Later on, dab a napkin on the wet tiles and pat them dry.
  • Do not allow people to walk in the house with their shoes on, as the dirt from the shoes might cause stains on the tiles.
  • Always sweep the floor with a soft bristled broom. Ideally, sweeping the floor in two directions would be the best to remove dirt from all surfaces.
  • Once you have scrubbed the floor with a detergent or cleaner, make sure you rinse it off using clean water.
  • Make sure not to use bleach or ammonia-based cleaners on the tiles, as they may discolor them.

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