Tung oil, also known as china wood oil, is used to give finishing touches to wood and for a variety of other purposes. Explore the article to know the common uses of Tung oil.

Tung Oil Uses

Tung oil, also known as china wood oil, is obtained from the seeds of the nuts of Tung tree. The scientific name for Tung oil is ‘Aleurites fordii’. It is considered to be dry oil, which is used as a finishing product on wood. It provides a tough and highly water-resistant finish to wood, along with a slight golden tinge. In China, Tung oil has been used for centuries, to seal decorative and marine wood. In the recent years, America has also started producing the oil. This oil is also used for a variety of other purposes. Read the article to know the various uses of Tung oil.
Common Uses Of Tung Oil
As A Finishing Product
The oil is used as a finishing product on wood. Tung oil penetrates deep into the pores of wood and protects it from moisture. Other oils like linseed, soy, and paraffin oil are unable to form a durable coat on wood, as they do not dry completely. Once the Tung oil applied to wood comes in contact with the air, it forms a clear, high-resistant layer. Tung oil is able to tolerate wear and tear, because it is highly flexible and prevents the wood from cracking. It gives a smooth-looking finish to the wood by filling the scratches.
In Kitchen & Bathrooms
Tung oil is used to give sheen to the granite and marble used in kitchens, bathrooms and other fluid staining environments. It is mixed with naphtha and the solution is used for giving a permanent sealing to the surface. The naphtha-Tung oil solution is, generally, used to coat kitchen countertops.
Other Uses 
  • Tung oil is used as a dryer in paints and vanishes, for it gives water-proof qualities to them. It is similar to linseed, safflower, poppy, and soybean oil. Often, it is used as a substitute for linseed oil.
  • The oil has been used as a seal on the outer cover of shipping vessels, since it is alkali-proof.
  • In wires, Tung oil is used as an insulating component. Due to the insulating properties of the oil, it is also used to give a coating to telephones, telegraph instruments, radio and television sets.
  • The oil is also used in linoleum and oilcloth industries.
  • Tung oil is applied to the toys of children, due to its non-toxic nature and ability to prevent molding.
  • The oil is applied to the parts of steel machine in factories, as it is rust-resistant in nature.
  • The ink used by the paper industry is manufactured using Tung oil. It is also one of the components used for making mortar and caulk.
  • Of late, Tung oil has also been applied to beverage and food containers as well. 
Some people are allergic to nuts and therefore, Tung oil may also cause allergy in them (as it is made from the seeds of Tung tree nuts). Some people are also allergic to the smell of Tung oil. It is possible to coat the oil on your furniture without any professional help, though it may be a little time-consuming.

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