By cleaning the tiles on a regular basis, you will be able to maintain the hygiene of your swimming pool easily. Check out the tips given here and learn how to clean swimming pool tiles.

How To Clean Swimming Pool Tiles

Regular cleaning and maintenance of swimming pool is vital to keep its interiors free of stubborn stains and algae deposits. Though you need to hire a professional to clean the entire swimming pool, the swimming pool tiles can be cleaned by you easily. The water-line scum, calcium scales and stubborn spots on the grout can be removed without professional help. All you need is an effective cleaner (detergent) and something like an abrasive pad, pumice stone, sponge or tile brush, to erase the stubborn stains. Explore some tips on how to clean swimming pool tiles.
Cleaning Swimming Pool Tiles
Attach a sponge on a pole and add a dime-size amount of detergent on its top edge. Start cleaning the tiles from one end of the pool and then work your way around, until you reach the starting point.After the tiles are cleaned this way, scrub the dirt off the water line by rubbing an abrasive pad in a 'back and forth' motion.
Aluminum Brush
Using an aluminum brush head is another way to clean the swimming pool tiles. Attach the brush onto a pole and apply a small amount of detergent on its top. Perform the cleaning process the same way as you did in case of the sponge.
Hand-held Tile Brush
The best way to clear the calcium scale and other deposits on the tiles is to use a hand-held brush. The brush will clean the dirt efficiently, without causing harm to the grout.  After cleaning the tile with the brush, make use of a soft pumice stone. This will further help in removing stubborn spots on the tile.
If you find that the white crusty deposits on the tiles have not been removed completely, the use of a strong chemical, such as acid, is recommended. Do not forget to wear protective clothing and breathing apparatus while performing the cleaning process, since acid is a harmful chemical.
Nonabrasive Chlorine-based Liquid
In order to remove the water-line tile scum, you can also make use of a non-abrasive chlorine-based liquid. Dip a sponge in the liquid or add a dime size amount of the liquid onto a tile brush. This will work as an eraser and wipe out all the dirty marks off the tile.
  • Do not use an extremely hard or stiff cleaning pad, as it may scratch the tiles and even ruin the grout.
  • Always make use of soft pumice stone to clean the tiles.
  • While choosing the cleaner, make sure that it is recommended by the pool manufacturer.
  • Acid wash the tiles only when you spot stubborn stains.

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