Getting rid of the moles in your yard is not too difficult, provided you know the right ways for the same. Go through this article and get tips on how to rid the yard of moles.

How To Rid Yard Of Moles

'Mole' is basically the name of a tiny mammal, gray or black in color, which loves to make burrows underground. Because of the reason that they have very tiny eyes, they are believed to be blind. The truth is that since moles live mainly underground, they do not have much need of good eyesight. They eat insects such as grubs and worms and are hardly bothersome, even benefiting you to some an extent. However, if they start getting out of hand, digging too many holes, it is the time for you to take some action. Though there are many types of mole poisons, it is advisable to avoid them as far as possible. Apart from being cruel, they are also not much effective. In the following lines, we have listed some humane, and easy, ways to help you know how to rid yard of moles.
Getting Rid Of Moles In Yard 
  • The first step towards getting rid of moles will comprise of removing their source of food, mainly lawn worms and grubs.
  • You can create a mole blocker in your yard. Bury hardware cloth or aluminum sheeting up to the depth of 2-3 feet. This would prevent moles from tunneling. A raised area of at least 6 inches, on the other hand, will keep the moles from climbing over the barrier.
  • The bulbs and flowers of chocolate lilies or “skunk lilies” emit a terrible, strong odor that keeps moles at bay. You can plant a few bulbs on each side of the yard and garden.
  • Garlic is another plant that can drive moles away from your garden. It is advisable to plant ginger plants in and around your property.
  • Cats are one of the biggest enemies of moles. Gather some cat litter and put it into any and every molehill you can find in and around your property. Keep refilling it until the moles disappear.
  • Moles prefer to stay away from human hair, making them one of the best mole repellants. So, sprinkle some hair clippings them into the molehills and runs and watch the moles disappearing from your yard.
  • Mole traps work the best in getting rid of the pests from the yard. Go to the market and buy one for your yard as well.
  • Take 1 cup oil soap and add 1 oz castor oil and 1/4 cup cayenne pepper to it. Mix in half the amount of water. Put this in a hose-end sprayer and use over the area infested with moles.
  • Add 1 cup flea and tick shampoo (for cats & dogs) to 20 gallons of water. Put this in a hose end sprayer and use over the area that has become riddled with moles.
  • Put one moth ball in each of the holes dug by the moles. It will help in getting rid of them.

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