Maintain the beauty of your green yard by learning about the various methods on how to get rid of moles. To get detailed information on yard mole removal, read through the article.

Yard Mole Removal

Did you know that the digging activity of moles can drain down all your efforts to keep your yard look beautiful and in a good condition? Moles are furry mammals that live underground. These small creatures are always busy burrowing underground in search of worms, without realizing the uneven patches that they leave all over the yard. Though harmless creatures, moles can leave your yard is a shabby state, leaving you with little or no choice but to get rid of them. If you love your yard and want to retain its beauty, you need to take up effective steps to get rid of these garden animals. Remember, if these creatures are not forced out of the place, they will leave the entire yard in a mess, with dirt and uneven patches all around. This article provides you with effective methods on how to get rid of moles, for you to follow and retain the beauty of your yard.
How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard
Mole Repellents
Mole repellents can be a plant deterrent or any homemade formula using soap, hot pepper and even bleach. If used in the right tunnel, it would definitely help in swaying away the moles. However, care should be taken while using the repellants as they are dangerous in nature and can cause harm to children and pets.
Mole Bait
Mole baits can also be used to catch moles or get rid of them from the garden. The most effective bait is one which is designed in such a way that it looks and smells like an earthworm. You can place this earthworm-looking bait into the active tunnel and lure the mole to take the bait. This bait is laced with bromethalin, a powerful neurotoxin.
Mole Menu Modification
Another effective way in which you can get rid of yard moles is by removing the source of food for these furry mammals. Japanese beetle larva, or grubs as it is commonly known as, is mole’s primary food source. You can remove them by using a spreader to put a fine layer of diatomaceous earth, consisting of powdered fossilized skeletons of ancient fresh-water organism. This layer of soil helps in dehydrating the grubs and is also considered safe for humans and other animals. However, you need to be diligent in terms of reapplying the material after each rain.
Structural Deterrents
You can keep away moles by digging trenches around your garden, walkways and patios. This would serve as a protective barrier against the moles. Since moles find it difficult to dig through dense materials, you can fill in the trenches with a layer of clay topped with gravel, making it a difficult terrain for the moles to dig through.
Mole Traps
Experts consider mole traps to be another effective yard mole removal method. However, this method is not all that popular as there are no traps which follow the capture and release modus operandi. All the types of mole traps are designed to strangle the rodent.
Other Remedies
  • You can use castor oil to get rid of moles. Water your yard properly and then pour over the castor oil with the help of a spray bottle. Once you have sprayed the oil all over, water the area all over again. Castor oil will make the moles experience an itching sensation, driving them away from your yard.
  • Moth balls can also prove out to be effective against the moles. Put the moth balls into active tunnels. This is sure to make your yard mole free.
  • Using diatomaceous earth powder can also drive away the moles out of your yard. 2-3 tbsp of this powder in active mole hills will force these mammals to leave by irritating their claws and nose.
  • You can even use your falling hair as an effective catalyst to get rid of moles. It is believed that moles don’t like human hair smell. Therefore, human hair acts as a good repellent in driving the moles away.
  • Planting garlic or skunk lilies on both sides of your yard will also help you get rid of moles. The strong smell of these plants acts as a repellent. 

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