Adding a pergola to your home décor provides shade and outdoor living space. Explore this article to find some unique and unusual pergola design ideas.

Unusual Pergola Designs

Pergolas are a great addition to the home living area, providing shade and visual interest to the outdoor space. By adding character and dimension to any landscape, a pergola allows you to sit and relax amidst nature. It is a typical freestanding structure, similar to a trellised gazebo that connects various decorative themes throughout the landscape. Most of the pergola designs are created to be used in conjunction with a walkway, gazebo or as a focal point against a mixed landscape. While most pergolas are attached to the house or used as an outdoor room, they can also be added to a large deck or patio, next to the swimming pool or over a hot tub. Glance through the lines below to find some unique ideas for pergola designs.
Unique Pergola Design Ideas
Arched Pergola
Create the top of the pergola in an arch style instead of the usual flat beams. A dome-like curve will add airiness to your pergola. You can use redwood, steel or iron to build the arch of the pergola. Using an arch for the pergola is a good option for entryway to the garden or as a pass-through, giving your garden a rustic feeling.
Contemporary Pergola
A contemporary-styled pergola will add a real living space for your home. Go for stucco and trim exteriors for a smooth transition from the interiors to the outside. Decorate the landscape around the base of the pergola to add visual interest.
Pergola with Natural Stone Base
Design your pergola with a mixture of different materials. Use architectural columns with cedar overhead framework. Support the structure with pedestal walls constructed of natural stone and top them with concrete capstones.
Petite Pergola
Instead of going for a usual pergola, opt for a triangular pergola set amidst a well-manicured formal garden. Nicely detailed with classic white painted finish, this petite pergola will form a striking focal point. You can add a swinging bench to make the pergola even more inviting and versatile.
Pergola with a Curved Roofline
Go creative with your pergola by having shallow curves on the pergola roof. Get the curves from wide stock by sandwiching boards together to get thicker beams. You can also get this pergola designed by a professional engineer, if in doubt.
Outdoor Living
Get a pergola attached to the house. Use the pergola as dining space, wherein you can fit in amenities like wiring for a ceiling fan. A larger pergola will be sufficient to accommodate more than one dining group and will be useful for get together parties as well.
Poolside Pergola
Get a pergola designed by the poolside with a metal overhead. The vine-clad roof arch will make it a perfect and comfortable dining venue even on hottest summer days. The metal will give it a lighter look than wood. Enjoy the echo that is created in the wrought-iron dining set.
White Pergola with Hanging Seats
Get a unique deck-topping pergola design that matches with your home and perfectly fits the décor of your yard. Color it in classic white paint to brighten the area. Hang typical comfortable chairs from the rafters beneath the pergola to provide a fun and relaxing retreat.

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