Coffee can result in stains which are quite difficult to remove. Explore the article below for tips on coffee stain removal.

Coffee Stain Removal

Coffee being the most common beverage is also the most common cause for stains. A little carelessness and your cup tilts leaving an ugly stain on your shirt. If the stain is allowed to dry then it is very difficult to remove. So, the first thing to be done is to wipe the stain with a paper towel. When most of the stain is removed the cloth is then used for general washing. Commercial stain removers are very effective in removing stains but there are various household ingredients that can also remove the stains effectively without straining your pocket. The materials used for removing stains should be non bleaching substances. Read the article below to know how you can remove coffee stains.
Tips For Coffee Stain Removal 
  • The stain is more concentrated at the back of the clothing. So use cold water to rub the stain and dilute it as much as you can. Later the entire cloth can be rinsed again in cold water.
  • Take liquid detergent and apply it to the stain. Keep it for ten minutes. Then soak it in cold water for forty five minute. Next the stained area must be washed thoroughly.
  • Immediately after a coffee spill use a paper towel to blot out as much of the stain as possible. Then, mix two table spoon of white vinegar with three tablespoon of hot water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and use it to spray over the coffee stain. Use paper towels or tissue to blot.
  • Mix one quarter teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with warm water. Use the solution to wet the stain and then blot dry using a paper towel.
  • To remove coffee stains from the carpet, spray the stain with 3% hydrogen peroxide and keep it for sixty minutes. Then use a paper towel to blot dry the stain.
  • Mix baking soda with egg yolk. Gently rub the stained area with the solution, until the stain is removed. Then rinse the cloth with warm water. Another method is to take a yolk in a bowl and then add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to it. Rub the stain with the solution and leave it for few minutes. Wash in warm water.
  • Dip the stained part of the cloth into a bowl of milk and leave it overnight. Wash the cloth in the morning as by then the stain would have come off.
  • Sprinkling of baking soda removes the stain effectively. You can use a tooth brush to rub the baking soda.
  • To remove coffee stains from wool an enzyme presoak can be used. Cover the stain with a paper towel soaked dry with the solution and leave for thirty minutes. Make sure that the wet area does not spread. Wash in water when the stain is lifted.

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