Packing can be tiresome and frustrating. Explore the article below to get an idea of how you can pack your boxes to move.

How To Pack Your Boxes To Move

To move, lock, stock, and barrel is easier said than done. It is tiresome and frustrating. There is also the constant worry of damaging the belongings. Engaging professional help can be quite expensive, so, to do your own packing is worthwhile. Planning ahead leaves one with time, to do the packing, without rushing, thus avoiding any glitches. A step-by-step process, ensures that you don’t make or leave, a mess behind. Before you start packing all your things, it is better to arrange your, entire belonging first. Since, when the boxes arrive, there will be very less room to move about. Keep all your packing materials like scissors, knife, twine, tape etc. in such a place where you can always find it. Don’t cram your things; instead use boxes of various sizes. Always keep a few boxes as spare for the things that, in case, have slipped your mind. Keep a  separate box for your daily essentials. Read the article below to know how to pack your boxes to move. 
Packing Your Possessions When Moving 
  • Make a list by writing down everything in a notebook. This helps you to organize yourself better. From the list, make a group noting down, which contents to be put in which box. You can also make a printed list, to check the items that have been packed. Listing saves you the task of breaking your head, while searching for an item.
  • Use a marker to label each box detailing the contents, so that you don’t have to search and open each box to look for a particular thing. Make sure that the boxes you use should be strong and waterproof. Tape the bottom of the box to prevent it from giving away.
  • Don’t start packing everything all at once. Start from one room at a time. After finishing one room, stack the boxes on one side. This will leave a large space in the room for cleaning. The room, which you finish first, can also be used as a packing room so that the entire house is not turned topsy-turvy.
  • Don’t stuff too many things in the box, making it hard to move. Better to use as many boxes as possible. Sometimes due to overstuffing, the boxes break. And always remember to keep spares, to put in all the last minute items.
  • Small and loose things should be put in a bag first before packing it into the box. In this way, it is easier to retrieve the contents and also prevent the items from moving inside the box.
  • Don’t mix your belongings. Keep your books in a separate box and your clothes in another. This will facilitate you in arranging your items when you unpack later. Pack the breakable items in the sturdiest of the boxes with thermocol or cloth cushion. Never put your breakable and unbreakable items together.
  • Keep your personal items in small boxes. Label them with colored stickers so that you can find them easily.
  • Use tape or rope to close the box. Rope can also be used to shut the box tightly.
  • For kitchenware, use newspapers or packing paper to wrap the utensils. They must also be packed tightly, so that they don’t move and crack.
  • It is better to wrap the cloths with packing paper or newspapers so that they are protected from accidental stains or scratches.

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