It’s important to prevent cut flowers from becoming smelly, else they will start to wilt and die. Given here are some tips on how to stop fresh cut flowers from stinking and increase their life.

How To Prevent Cut Flowers From Becoming Smelly

With spring round the corner, budding flowers and blossoming trees are to be seen all around. Many people love to keep floral bouquets in their home. Though these bouquets are beautiful, if you don’t take out time to preserve them, they won’t last for more than a few days and the flowers will soon start to wilt and die. The water in which the flowers are kept can also become quite smelly over time, deteriorating their quality as well. Most of the cut flowers that are purchased from florists and grocery stores often include preservatives that increase their life and also avoid the smell. However, this option is not available in case of flowers that are plucked from the home garden. What to do now? Given here are some tips on how you can prevent your cut flowers from becoming smelly and increase their life as well.
Tips To Stop Cut Flowers From Stinking
Frequently Change Water
Keep changing the water of the flowers frequently, since old water becomes prone to smelling. Fresh water replenishes the flowers. However, before adding new water, make sure to wash the vase with warm, soapy water and discard any dead flowers.
Remove Any Vegetation
Any leave sitting on the stems below water level should be removed. Any vegetation that is in the water, apart from the stem, will generate bacteria and fungi, which will result in stinking and will rot the plant. Leaves that are above the waterline should not be plucked, as they help the flower breathe.
Cut Stems Under Water
Before placing the flowers in a vase, trim an inch of each stem using a clean sharp knife or floral clippers, while holding the stem underwater. Transfer the stems to the solution-filled vase.
Make Use Of Charcoal Method
If you can, place a small piece of charcoal in the water. This will help a great deal in preventing the flowers from becoming smelly.
Try Floral Preservative
A good preservative helps kill bacteria and provides the plants sugar for energy and nourishment. For making a plant preservative, you can use carbonated soda that contains sugar, but not the diet sodas. A perfect plant food mixture would be half soda and half water, which must be changed on an every day basis. This will extend the flower life and keep the stems from clogging and forming any smelly bacteria and fungi. In case, you do not have soda at home, you can do with lemon juice, vinegar, crushed aspirin or mouthwash. However, make sure to add sugar to the mixture.
Use Clean Glass Vases
It is better to use glass vases for cut flowers, instead of the metal ones, as some metals can alter the pH of the water. For the purpose, keep your flowers free of any bacteria. Clean your dirty vases with bleach. Add a drop or two of antibacterial soap to the vase and wash it thoroughly with hot water. Always fill your vase with warm water, as warmer the water, the quicker the water will move into the stems of the flower.

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