Are you confused about washing a down comforter? Explore the article given below to get some tips about washing down comforters.

How To Wash A Down Comforter

A down comforter can be your best friend for a terrible winter. The soft, fluffy comforters  provide you warmth and comfort in the shivering nights of December. If you follow, the simple cleaning instructions that printed on them, down comforters can last for a long time and this quality makes them worth their money. You should take extra care when you are cleaning a down comforter because it is too expensive to ruin. Down comforters should be fluffed as frequent as possible. It’s better to cover them up with a duvet to protect from spills. It will be big task for you keep the comforter clean if you have pets in your home. You should protect them from the dirt for limiting the number of washing. However, you cannot avoid washing down comforters at some point, even if they are protected. Recall the last time you washed the comforter before you decide to wash it again. Frequent washing and drying may damage your comforter but also you can wash them once every 1 to 5 years, according to their instruction label. If the label recommends dry clean, it’s better to go for a dry clean. Dry cleaning will give you the best results. Expose your down comforter to fresh air to make it smell fresh and good. Read on to know how to wash a down comforter.
Tips For Washing Down Comforters 
  • Put your comforter into the Laundromat to wash it properly. You can configure the washer to its largest capacity, warm-water wash, and gentle cycle. You should wash the comforter on a very gentle cycle. Otherwise, your expensive down comforter may get ruined.
  • When you wash the comforter, you should wash it in the way, you wash the other delicate and expensive pillows. It would be better, if you use a mild  detergent.
  • Down comforters make a strong smell when wet, because they are basically feathers.
  • You don’t have to be worried when this smell comes. Just understand that it is natural for a down comforter to smell like that. Don’t add harsh detergent to minimize the smell. It may ruin the comforter.
  • Give the comforter an extra rinse through one more cycle to make sure that it is completely cleaned off the detergent.
  • After washing down the comforters, you can dry them in a large commercial dryer, on low or medium heat. The process will take a lot of time but never try to maximize the heat. This may burn the comforter.
  • You should check the comforter, during the drying process, because there is a possibility for the comforter to get burnt, even when it is on a medium heat. Make sure that the unit is not overheating.
  • You may have to wait very patiently, to get your comforter dry properly. If the comforters are not dried properly, there is possibility of fungal growth in them.
  • If you avoid frequent washing and drying, your comforter can provide long periods of reliable service. 

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