You have finally located your dream house and are planning to shift, but don’t have much time to pack? Use these tips and learn how to quickly pack and move at short notice.

How To Pack Quickly

You are not an actor whose bags are packed always and can be used whenever there is a necessity to move out. Neither do you have a gin nor Aladdin, who would help you shift everything in your house in split-seconds, at the move of the fingers. So, what do you do in times of emergency? Curse your fate for the last minute rush or sit and wait for the gin to come and pack things for you? Packing is definitely not an easy task, and when there is less time at disposal, it really calls in for expertise and a lot of patience to meet the deadline. Packing stuffs efficiently at a short notice is a very skillful art and only patient and artistic people can do it perfectly. A short timeline means you have to be on your toes. With the following tips, prepare youself to deal with such a situation. Use these easy tips and stay organized and in control, even if you have to move in a hurry.
Quick Packing Tips
  • The keyword for a quick move is ‘being organized’. Make a list of the commodities that are to be packed and in the order in which you prefer to move them. Clip the moving and packing estimates behind the to-do-list. Attach the list to a clipboard and check your progress towards accomplishing your task. This will serve as an alarm for you if you are behind the scheduled time.
  • Next step towards quick packing is to gather all the strong and sturdy packing supplies. The packing boxes that you gather should be in proper condition. Also, make sure that each of the boxes is strong enough to hold all the things, but light in weight at the same time, so that it does not add to the luggage weight.
  • Make sure that you properly cushion the bottom of the boxes once you have gathered them. You can use some paper, cloth or some sponge to convert the bottom of the box into a sponge. This is an important step to be taken before starting to pack, as it ensures the safety and security of fragile and breakable items from getting damaged.
  • The rule of packing is to place the heavier items at the bottom of the box and then put in the other items on the top. This will not only provide balance to the box, but will also leave you with enough space to fit in several other items. Keeping heavy items at the bottom will also keep the light, small items safe.
  • It might so happen that there are some empty corners in the box after you are done with packing. These extra vacant spaces should be filled with fillers. You can either use the items available at home as fillers or buy few from the market. You can use socks, towels, old cloth, wadded paper etc to fill extra space in the box. This will keep the items inside intact and will save them from getting damaged.
  • It is better for you to use small boxes to pack in small items. This will not only save time, but will also save the goods inside from getting damaged. In case you put in too many small items inside a big box, it would not only take a lot of space, but there would be a risk of the small items getting smashed in between the big items.
  • Make sure that the box or carton you use for packing is exactly of the size you require. It should neither be too big nor too small. If the box is bigger than what you require, the risk of your items getting damaged, while shifting, runs high. On the other hand, if the box is too small, you will simply increase your luggage, because too many small boxes will be required to pack all the items.
  • Once you have placed all the items into the box, make sure to seal the mouth of the boxes and cartons properly. This will avoid falling of the objects or items from the carton, thus saving you from re-packing. Also, it is advisable to label all the boxes as soon as you pack them. This will prove out to be a great time saving exercise as you won’t have to look for things when you are unpacking.
  • If possible, use modular boxes to pack all the items. It is very easy to pack in modular boxes. These boxes are according to shape and size of a particular item and give a perfect fit for the items.
  • Pack costly clothes in wardrobe box and other ordinary clothes in normal bags. However, make sure that those bags are strong and safe enough to store clothes.

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