A faulty electric furnace can cause a lot of discomfort to you. Hence, troubleshooting it becomes necessary. This article provides you with info on how to troubleshoot an electric furnace.

Troubleshooting An Electric Furnace

An electric furnace is a device used for providing warmth to the entire building or a portion of it. It directly converts electricity to heat by circulating air around the heating element. Any problem in the parts of the furnace can lead to a problem in the heating. While major problems require professional help, fixing small jobs in an electric furnace can be done easily. Whenever you find some problem in your electric furnace, troubleshoot it immediately to repair or fix it. Not only will it save you from major outbreaks, it will also save you a lot of money for sure. Read on to find how to easily troubleshoot an electric furnace at home.  
How To Troubleshoot An Electric Furnace
Problem 1: Electric Furnace Not Producing Enough Heat
A major problem that can occur in an electric furnace is blowing off of cold air. Check the thermostat as it might be either faulty or dirty, thereby not creating enough heat. Remember, the furnace will not work if dirt accumulates on the surfaces of the bimetallic coils and switch contacts. Solve this problem by spraying the coil with small compressed air canister.
The other reason for the furnace not producing heat could be a dysfunctional circuit breaker or a bad fuse. In this case, replace the fuse and get the circuit breaker back on track. Closed or blocked registers could also be another cause for improper functioning of the electric furnace. Open the registers and make sure that they are not blocked.
Problem 2: Electric Furnace Not Turning On
Check if the circuit breaker or fuse is working appropriately. If both are in good condition, turn to the separate power switch, to start and close the furnace. Overloading could also cause the furnace to work unusually. In such a situation, switch off the furnace or reset it after one hour.
Problem 3: Very Noisy Furnace
Loose access panels can make the furnace create a lot of noise while on. Fix in the access panels correctly. If the noise is created due to sticking, worn out or damaged belt, spray a fan belt dressing over the belt. If the belt is in a bad shape, replace it. A blower belt that is too loose or tight can also cause the noise. Simply adjust the belt to solve this problem. However, if none of these methods work, check the motor or the blower for lubrication.
Problem 4: Blower Runs Continuously
In case the blower does not stop running, there is a possibility of the blower being clogged. Rectify the problem by cleaning the blower assembly. If the relays are at fault, it is best to call a professional than to indulge in troubleshooting the electric furnace by yourself.
Problem 5: Furnace Turns On and Off Constantly  
The electric furnace switches on and off continuously in four situations, namely, filter is dirty, blower is clogged, blower requires lubrication or motor needs lubrication. Clean or replace the dirty filter. As for the blower, make sure you clean and lubricate it. Lubricate the motor to get rid of the problem.

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