Bathrooms should always be the cleanest part of one's home. If you are looking for information on bathroom cleaners and basics of bathroom cleaning, here are some quick tips to your aid.

Bathroom Cleaners

Bathrooms and toilets require regular cleaning to maintain basic hygiene. Unclean bathrooms harvest harmful germs that can cause several diseases like urinary tract infections, diarrhea, planter’s warts, and athlete’s foot. A daily regime of 15-minute bathroom cleanup will help you to keep your bathroom hygienic and will definitely create a good impression on your guests as well. To start off with the task, you must be fully equipped with the right bathroom cleaners. Gather all the things you will need to clean the bathroom beforehand. The basic bathroom cleaning kit should contain a good bathroom cleaner, toilet cleaner, soap scum remover, a sponge pad, a toilet scrub brush, window glass cleaner, dust mop, small bucket with handle, and plastic sack to line trash can. While cleaning your bathroom you need to pick the right bathroom cleaner that suits your needs. Bathroom cleaners range from mild-to-strong types. While the mild variety is recommended for daily cleaning, you need a strong cleaner if you clean your toilet once a month.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

  • Bathroom cleaning can sometimes be a herculean task, especially if you are cleaning it after a long interval. Here are some quick bathroom cleaning tips to help you get started.
  • Use rubber gloves while cleaning a bathroom. This will protect your hands from harmful effects of chemical cleaners.
  • Wash your bathroom rugs and hang them to dry.
  • Dust down the corners. Use a step ladder to clean the ceiling.
  • Clean the sink, tub, and toilet using bathroom cleaners. Use a toilet brush to scrub the crevices, seat, and the handle
  • Showerheads often get clogged with impurities present in the water. To clean your showerheads, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie it on the showerhead. To get the best result, leave it overnight before washing it with water.
  • For the delicate bathroom fixtures, use mild detergent soap.
  • Do not forget to clean the mirror. You can use a liquid soap spray for the task. Vinegar also gives good results. Clean it with a dry cloth or old newspaper after spraying the liquid onto the glass.
  • To clean the ceramic tile walls, use normal detergent and water. Do not use abrasive solution as this can scratch the surface easily.
  • Take out the shower curtain and wash it in mild detergent solution. Weakly washing it in chlorine bleach will give shower curtains a new look.
  • Dust down all the cabinets and discard unnecessary items.
  • Finally, sweep the floor and mop it with a good disinfectant.
  • Trash empty shampoo bottles and refill your liquid soap dispenser if it is empty.
  • Once you are done with cleaning, remember to keep the bathroom windows open for some time to ventilate the cleaners you have used while cleaning.
  • If you find the bathroom cleaning boring, just play some soulful music of your choice and you will be amazed to find that bathroom cleaning can really be fun!

Types of Bathroom Cleaners

There are different types of bathroom cleaner formulations that are available for specific types of cleaning.
  • If you are cleaning deep greases, pick a concentrated formulation and allow contact time for the scum to emulsify. This will help to remove the scum easily. To remove mold and mildew, a disinfectant is always needed.
  • If you are using any form of bleach, be careful, as bleach often coarsens the surface. Acid based cleaners are good to remove any mineral deposition on the wall. Refrain from using abrasive cleaners and scrubber on acrylic tubs to avoid any scratching and damage.

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