The décor for kids’ bathroom should be creative and soothing. Check out design and color ideas for decorating bathroom for children.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

One thing that almost every kid grumbles at is, taking a bath and cleaning up. The very sight of a dull bathroom with the soaps and the brush can make any kid gripe in frustration. But what if you could transform that drab bathroom and instead make it into a fun place where your kids can actually have a great time! Yes, it is very much possible to accomplish this feat. What’s more? You can do this by yourself and in fact involve your kids in the whole event. They will feel that they are an important part of decision making and will bond closer with you. Check out these design and color ideas for decorating a bathroom for children.
Plan Beforehand
Have a solid plan at hand as to how you want the bathroom to look like. What kind of theme would you be following, what colors would you like to use, what wall-papers would you use, etc. should be decided beforehand. With a solid plan in hand, you can proceed from one task to another without any hassles and confusions. Involve the kids as it is their bathroom and ask them if they have any plans or ideas in mind. Organizing is the keyword here and if you have helping hands, delegate some responsibility to them also.
Shop Hopping
Now that you have a plan in hand as to how you want to go about decorating the bathroom, it is time to go to the stores to get what you require. This includes paints, glue, stencils, clip-art knick-knacks, wallpaper, brush, etc. Let your kid pick the stencils for art work on the walls. The most popular paint colors to go for would be very light shade of blue, green, beige or a sandy color. Pick a wallpaper to go around the borders of the bathroom in a similar shade. Buy paint brushes of appropriate sizes and you may also buy thinner for the paint.
Getting Started…
First things first. Make sure that you take adequate precautions so as to keep injuries at bay. Take down the shower curtains, previous borders, cosmetics, toiletries, and other bathroom accessories. Make sure these are kept in boxes outside the bathroom so that the paint drops don’t spoil them. Cover the floor with newspapers to protect the flooring from accidental spillage and dirt. Start by cleaning the walls and removing cobwebs and dust. Use sandpaper if necessary. This is important since the new coat of paint must give a smooth look to your walls. With kids around, it should not take more than half an hour to get done with this.
Applying the Paint
Now comes the fun part! Take the paint in a small bucket; add thinner if you think the consistency is too thick. Start by painting a single coat on the walls one after the other. Usually 2-3 coats should suffice. Don’t apply more than 4 coats as it may peel off sooner than you think. Moderation is the key here. Allow the paint to dry before applying the final coat. If you want, you may get the adhesive wallpaper border which is easier to apply.
Modern Art!

Get the stencils and carefully draw out the shapes at strategic places like just below the shower, near the windows, near the sink, above the door, etc. Fill them with color carefully. Now place the accessories and knick-knacks that you have bought according to the theme you have chosen. Your kid will love to do this so don’t hesitate to involve them. All they need is clear-cut instructions as to how to go about it. Place the bathroom accessories, toiletries, etc. back as they were after the paint dries. Your lovely bathroom for children is ready!

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